style inspiration: jennifer lawrence

by - July 06, 2012

If I had to pick a favorite celebrity style, I would definitely pick Jennifer Lawrence. I love, love her general sense of style. Her outfits are just gorgeous. Lately I've even found myself sort of modeling some of my own outfits after hers. I was already becoming a huge fan of flowy maxi skirts, and looking at Jennifer's skirts make me love them even more.

my top six favorite jennifer lawrence outfits

Some are less modest than others, and I have elected to only post my top six absolute favorites (the red dress being on the very tip top of that list) on here. At the same time, I have yet to see her in a completely scandalous outfit, and unlike Miley Cyrus, for instance, doesn't see fit to walk around in Daisy Dukes and shredded tops.

I like how Jennifer has her own, unique look that she pulls off effortlessly. But at the same time, she doesn't go over the top, wearing outrageous clothing just to get attention, or to look "different." Her outfits are feminine, elegant and unique. (She seems to especially favor outfits like the first; a simple maxi dress, sunglasses, a bun and sandals).

Her shoes are quite tasteful too (although a few are what I call 'dangerously' high). I have yet to see her wearing a pair of shoes that I like to call hooker shoes. Sandals, wedges, flats and heels, they all go with her look and compliment it perfectly.

my top six favorite jennifer lawrence hairstyles

Her hair is always gorgeous too. She changes the styles all the time. Special ones for special appearances, updos, loose, tied back, they all loo gorgeous. None of them are scraggly or over the top, they're all beautiful and elegant. My favorite, of course, is the L.A. Hunger Games Premiere one (bottom far right). Which, by the way, I'm still trying to duplicate (sadly, without satisfactory results so far).

Jennifer Lawrence is probably one of my favorite actresses. She's talented, she's beautiful, she's funny, unassuming, and she has a great sense of style.

Who's your favorite style icon? Why?

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  1. She does have a great sense of style and I love that last hairstyle! If you're trying to duplicate it, I used this video to help me:

    I don't really have a style icon...I'm still trying to develop my own style.

  2. She does have great style! Love that red and white dress, that is adorable. :-)

  3. Very cute post, Gwen. :) I love Emma Watson's and Taylor Swift's styles right now. They always look amazing. :D

  4. This is completely unrelated to the topic of your post, but I *love* your new blog name! It fits you very well. :D

    Love and hugs,


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