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LIFE: a brief rundown on the past 3 years

(my cat is asleep on my arm, making typing awkward and annoying. oh well.)

There's so much to say and I have no idea where to begin.
So I thought maybe, I'd make a sort of timeline, and then go down the list and maybe fill in some details. For anyone who's reading, but also for myself. I'm kind of excited to have it all written down somewhere. 
May, 2013; I went to my best friend Rebecca's graduation up in Edmonton. After the party, a friend of Rebecca's brother's drove myself and another of my friends to the house where we stayed the night.  I developed a crush on pseudo taxi-driver.
September, 2013;  As some of you know, my whole family packed up and moved to Halifax. 
February, 2014; I got my first job in Halifax. I worked at Bizou, a little accessory store in the Halifax Shopping Centre. It was quiet, I liked it. I worked almost full time, which allowed me to save enough to go back to Alberta for my own graduation...
May, 2014;  I flew out to Alberta for m…

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