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mr. and mrs.

Let me just preface this by saying that yes, once again, it's been a while. Life keeps happening, and lately it feels like it's happening too fast for me to keep up. At this point, I realize I probably have about 4 followers left (you guys are the real MVPs, if you're still out there).  That's okay though. I like to think that if I keep trying, eventually I'll stick with it again. We'll see. 
Anyway, about a year ago I had started a blog post of wedding photos. That's old news now (we've been married over a year, the romance is basically dead), but in the interest of finishing what I started, here goes;

On September 15, 2017, our families and close friends got together for the wedding rehearsal. The priest who married us had been ordained in May 2017, and ours was his first wedding...ever! He's an old family friend, we love him to death, and he did such a great job. We laughed the whole way through!
After the rehearsal, we all headed down the stree…

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