PHOTOS: Peggy's Cove

My mom's childhood friend and her friend's daughter came to visit us for a few days the other week. They drove up from Montreal, and we had a blast. One afternoon we went to Peggy's Cove, which is pretty much THE place around here. It's dismal and cold and has a lighthouse. Oh, and the ocean.

 p.s. the absolutely fabulous Abby gave my blog a makeover! Whatcha think?


  1. Oh, this is gorgeous! How amazing to see it, taste it, and touch it in person. Nova Scotia has its benefits, I see. ^.^

    P.S. Your new blog design is lovely.

  2. So lovely. And I absolutely adore your new header.

    ♥ aspirer

  3. That third photo down, with the blue sky, clouds, and lighthouse? So pretty!

  4. Woah son, there is just so much pretty in this. Your photography is always absolutely lovely.

  5. I love your new makeover!!! I miss you

  6. Some nice shots.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  7. Those pictures are breath-takingly beautiful! I'm not sure if you do this sort of thing, but I awarded you:

    --Rose M.

  8. Love the pictures and makeover! I tagged you. :) :)


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