Polyvore love

by - June 02, 2011

I've recently discovered polyvore.

I love it.

I probably don't use it the way it's supposed to be used, but that's okay. I still love it.

I've always had a weakness for fashion. However, having an EXTREMELY limited budget, I was unable to flaunt my clothing creativity at it's best.

Now, I can go positively WILD!

My latest creations;

Summer blossoms
boho neutrals

flirty florals

Which is your favourite?

I would have shown you more, except blogger has gone NUTS, and my post, actually OVERLAPPED my previous one. What the HECK?

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  1. They're nice!! I've been going crazy on Polyvore, too. Though, not so much lately as I was when I first found out about it. ^_^ I like the third collage the best!! ;)


  2. No, no, you're using it correctly! And you're really good, too! Wow. I love the last one. :)

    Love and Blessings,
    Elizabeth Rose

  3. Cute!! I'm on Polyvore :)


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