Exactly one month and a day ago...

by - June 04, 2011

God blessed our family with a beautiful baby boy, dubbed Septimus on blogger.

In that short month, he has become a precious addition to our family, and we all love him dearly.

He has also been growing a little to fast for anyone's liking. He's grown in a diaper size (*GASP*), become much more awake and aware, and even focuses on objects now! I was shocked this morning, when I was holding him, and I noticed that he was looking straight at me. Not only that, but when I moved my head, he followed my movement. *screech!*

He's also annoyingly strong, and...BIG. Well, not big, but he's not tiny anymore. *sulk*

And he has CHIPMUNK cheeks! Aaaaaahhhh! Nooo! He has to stay tiny forever!

Happy One Month Old Birthday, baby boy.
Your big sister

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  1. Was it really a month and a day ago that he was born?! No. That can't be. I think you've made a mistake. It doesn't seem possible.

    *goes to check calendar*

    Nooo... it has been a month and a day. *sigh* I was sure it hadn't been that long already. I know how you feel, though. I remember the day Ava was born--it seems like seconds ago--and already she's four years old! My last little baby sibling, and not even a baby anymore. *sniffle*

    Love ya!
    Elizabeth Rose

  2. Aww...he is sooo cute! :D

  3. Aww, what a sweetie! Happy happy month- &-day-ago birthday!
    Also, you won something in my giveaway. Would you mind me giving the etsier your email? Just thought I'd check.

  4. Wow! It doesn't seem that long ago!!!!



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