The new dress!

I finally ended up taking pictures of my new dress today, so here it is!
It's a halter top, and it's rather low cut, so I was wearing a cardigan and a cami underneath the dress. Um..just the cami, not the sweater, duh...
I'll zip it now.

And here are some pictures of my Dad's flowers...

Aren't they pretty?
I have no idea what they are though.....

Oh yes, and I won Eldarwen's caption contest..THREE TIMES!!

And here is the Award!

God Bless!


  1. I love dresses. And yours are VERY nice!!!



  2. It's gorgeous!

  3. That dress is really pretty and so are all your photos in general! I love it! I love your captions too, they're funny :D Congrats on winning!

    ~ Jessica =)


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