Canada Day pictures

I got quite a few!
Since nothing particularly interesting happened yesterday, I'll post the pictures from Canada Day.

Oh, I have noticed that I have been getting, on avarage, two comments, whereas I used to get up to eight.
I was just wondering what caused this change, so that I could fix it!

No, I didn't take this. 


This is just...a rope hanging from the fence. But I like the perspective

I have no idea what this horse's name is. So I'll name him....Pippin. I always wanted a pet names Pippin.

This is a picture that I am a bit proud of.... *looks at the ground*
And here is my beanie baby...
(Left to Right) Me, Gabriel and Diego

Here is Their garden.... *sighs* I want to live here...
Diego and Rodrigo looking at the horses...Really! They weren't posing! I LIKE THIS ONE

Wierd-kinda-lying-down shot. I like to take pictures from different perspectives

I like this one too

Somewhere down the road.....
Gabriel in the distance...
This one has a majestic look...

And here is Rodrigo, petting a horse.

Hope ya'll enjoyed!

God Bless!


  1. Hmmmm...I don't see why people dodn't comment on average I get two or three unless I reply to them.
    I like the pictures! and photography is fun isn't it!


  2. I love your photography! So colourful :)
    Your new blog posts from your new blog link don't show up on my blogger dashboard... I hadn't realized you made new posts since then until you commented on my blog and I ended up here ... So happy belated Canada day!

    ~ Jessica


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