Did you ever....?

Did you ever have one of thsoe days where you're feeling down, and you just can't seem to cheer up?
Where you look at people smile, and think HOW DARE they be happy when I'm sad.
When all you want to do is fall onto your bed, hide your face in a pillow and sob?
When you know you have no reason to be sad, and you list 101 different reasons to be happy, but you just stay sad?

Last week, I had one of those days almost every day.
And yesterday, and some of today as well.

It might be partly of some stuff that's been going on, and something I need to do but I'm afraid to.
So, could you all pray for my family, but for me especially to find the courage to do what needs to be done?

Now of course, couldy, pouring cold weather does nothing to cheer you up either, does it.
I can handle some rain.
Or cold weather.
However, I draw the line at cold AND wet.

God Bless!