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by - January 01, 2012

see what I made? ;D

Lots and lots of fangirly-ness. Basically, I've just finished reading (and immensely enjoying) The Hunger Games, and now I'm in full on fangirl mode. Yes, I know, you all adore me when I'm like this. Happy New Year. :)

It's funny, I'd been listening and reading to and about people raving and raaaving about the books, but I kind of blew them off. Meh, they couldn't be that good, and besides, everyone was reading them. I tend to steer super clear of mainstream stuff. Especially since there are a lot of Twilight fans who like The Hunger Games.

So it wasn't until I found out that they were making a movie about them that I decided to give the books a try. I researched them, made sure there wasn't anything too trashy, and watched the trailer several times. I was extremely disappointed when they weren't among my Christmas presents, but I resigned myself to the possibility that I might never end up reading them. (The library waiting list was sixty-eight people. I'd be married with children by the time they got to me.)

But then it turned out that my Grandmother sent all three of the series, but my mother forgot to put them under the Christmas tree, so I opened them two days later. And literally devoured them. I read The Hunger Games cover to cover in less that twenty-four hours. Same with Catching Fire. During these two days, I entered what I call 'full book immersion mode,' which is when I ever so slightly lose my grip on reality and think that I have to save Peeta, survive the Games, there's something important I need to do, if I've put down the book at a part where the main character is sad, I'm sad, if she's angry, I'm angry. This only happens for a few fleeting seconds, but it kind of scared me. I don't completely believe it, but a tiny part of me starts to believe that what's happening in the book is all real, and so I'll be confused for a few moments. Or inexplicably moody. (This has happened with a few books, but only once or twice)

Since this was starting to worry me, I paced myself with the last book, Mockingjay. I only just finished it this afternoon. It depressed me a little, especially how horridly Katniss treats (dear, darling) Peeta throughout the series, but never seems to really apologize. This seems to happen especially when endings are a tad depressing, because now I'm all into stalking Hunger Games trailers, staring at fan-art on Deviantart, reading fanfics, and I even started a sketch of Josh Hutcherson as Peeta.

I love Peeta. It's kind of silly, the size of my crush on him, but I really really like him. He's just so sweet, so patient, so kind, but not perfect. He's still human, so he doesn't irritate me. I don't usually like the super nice kind, but I would totally marry a Peeta.

Katniss irritates me. She's whiny, selfish and to a degree, cruel. Yes, she's had an extremely hard life. Yes, she has a small right to complain. But whining every time the author can squeeze it in gets tiresome, at the best of times.

Anyway, I just realized how ridiculously long this post with no real purpose, point or even solid topic is. Sorry, but this is definitely not one of my better posts.

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  1. I loved this post!! Because well....this is EXACTLY how I was. Like, it's freaky how similar I was when I went through the books (except I read all the them over Thanksgiving break (U.S.) and shortly after.
    And, I want Peeta too. Josh Hutcherson is adorable, and I can't wait to see him in the movie. Peeta definitely makes the books.

    --Liz B

  2. actually... i DO love you when you're like this. have someone to relate to. :) and when it's about the hunger games- that's 10x better. :) the hunger games are my favorite fictional books of all time.

  3. Liz: He is very adorable. I've seen him in a few things, but now that he's lost his little boy face, I find him very attractive indeed. ;D

    Guin: Oh, good! Actually, I feel horribly torn...I'm a true blue Mysterious Benedict Society fan, but Hunger Games comes dangerously close!

  4. OK...I suppose you're write. He lost his little boy face, he's very attractive, and yet still adorable. ;)

    --Liz B

  5. I'm the same -- I use the fact that everybody reads some book or listens to a certain singer as a reason NOT to read or listen to it... But now, I'm SERIOUSLY tempted to abandon that and read these!

  6. I really want to read those...but I haven't...yet. *cringe* :D
    I really need to visit the library, don't I? I thought so.


  7. LOL, you know what would be really funny? (don't worry I'll tell you)
    If your brothers hide the last book right before you finished it XD

  8. Angele: LOL Gabriel kept trying, cause he got impatient that I hadn't finished it yet, since he wanted to read it. But I'm done. SO HA. ;D

  9. I have the book, but haven't had time to read it yet! Hoping to get to it this week and see what all the hype is about!! :)

  10. I've never read them, and this review (-like post)coming from someone I trust, maybe you've convinced me to pick them up and give them a try, there's a chance I'll like them more than I thought I would. I'll give 'em a look-see next time we head over to the library :D


  11. I like Katniss actually, which is unusual for me. I tend to hate the female characters. She seem real to me, believable. No, she's not always the most fun to be around and she makes poor decisions sometimes, but that's what real people do. Collins does a good job of making the characters and reactions realistic instead of perfect and expected.

    I know how you feel being in fangirl mode XD Happens to me a lot, too!



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