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by - December 24, 2011

We're finally going to decorate the house and the tree. My family, instead of celebrating the twelve days of Christmas beforehand, celebrates it after, and so we take down our tree sometime after Epiphany. Hopefully we'll do some more baking (I finally did some yesterday) and maybe I can unpack the last of my boxes in my room. Then tonight, we'll curl up on the couches, hopefully with some popcorn, and watch It's A Wonderful Life, like we do every year. Then, just before bed, we'll open up one small gift (usually a bible story) and read it out loud.

We'll wake up and open our stockings. Then we'll all help make breakfast, sit down and eat and rush out the door to Mass, because unfortunately the little ones are too young for us to go to Midnight Mass. We'll visit for a bit, then come home and open the rest (or sometimes not all of the rest) of the presents. We relax for a little, and then get started on Christmas dinner, which I don't really like cooking, but love eating. After dinner we'll relax some more, maybe read or finish the previous night's movie if we didn't get the chance before.

What are your plans for Christmas?

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  1. Merry Christmas Gwenea! I thought that you might be interested in joining me and my sister in our blog party of twelve days of chirstmas films!


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