101 little things

by - January 06, 2012

Because I almost never fulfill my New Years resolutions (albeit late, I've been bedridden for two days), here are 101 little things I want to accomplish/experience/see/do/etc this year. Exactly a year from now, I'll re-post this, with checkmarks next to everything I did.

  1. Learn a new Pride and Prejudice piece on the piano.
  2. Sketch Peeta Mellark.
  3. Sew a skirt.
  4. And maybe a regency dress.
  5. Do a cartwheel.
  6. Run races with my brothers.
  7. Be a better blogger.
  8. Write more.
  9. Draw more.
  10. Sing more.
  11. Play piano more.
  12. Be generally more efficient and organized.
  13. Go skating.
  14. Go swimming.
  15. Climb another mountain.
  16. Climb a tree.
  17. Write a song (?)
  18. Write a poem.
  19. Write a short story.
  20. Learn more about blog design.
  21. Buy a new camera.
  22. Travel.
  23. Get a job.
  24. Get my learners.
  25. Make some jewelery.
  26. Paint a picture.
  27. Pray the rosary more.
  28. Dance in open spaces.
  29. Jump in a river.
  30. Take a picture of a rainbow.
  31. Skip for three minutes.
  32. Eat spaghetti.
  33. Tell each member of my family that I love them.
  34. Tell all of my friends that I love them.
  35. Hold Angele's new baby sister.
  36. Teach Septimus to say my name. (just not quite yet.)
  37. Stick my face in the snow.
  38. Fill another diary.
  39. Start a scrapbook.
  40. Quit obsessing over The Hunger Games.
  41. Or maybe just quit obsessing altogether.
  42. Swim in the ocean.
  43. Watch the rest of Season 2 of Sherlock.
  44. Watch 25 sunsets.
  45. Curl my hair.
  46. Paint my nails.
  47. Watch The Hunger Games in theaters. 
  48. Watch The Hobbit in theaters.
  49. Send 25 letters.
  50. Learn to ballroom dance.
  51. Pick wildflowers.
  52. Roll down a hill.
  53. Design some clothing.
  54. Learn to talk in a foreign accent. 
  55. Not be so shy of my fellow teenagers, especially the boys.
  56. Pulls up my marks on Math.
  57. Actually get fit.
  58. Bake a pie.
  59. And maybe a cake.
  60. Learn how to use icing.
  61. Read 80 books.
  62. Re-read LoTR and The Hobbit.
  63. Finish reading all the Sherlock Holmes mysteries.
  64. Finish this list.  Check mark symbol
  65. Get 300 followers.
  66. Stand on my hands.
  67. Build a snowman.
  68. Go sledding.
  69. Stop putting off my online class homework for as long as possible.
  70. Doodle.
  71. Set up the art studio/sewing room downstairs.
  72. Re-learn to knit.
  73. Make myself a hat and scarf.
  74. Pair my socks.
  75. Go to Midnight Mass.
  76. Lie in the grass.
  77. Learn to ways to do my hair.
  78. Attend Galadhiel's Regency Ball.
  79. Laugh at least twice a day.
  80. Stop being so tired all the time.
  81. Get my hair cut.
  82. Stop biting my nails.
  83. Comment on other people's blogs much more often.
  84. Play hide-and-seek.
  85. Fill at least half of my sketchbook.
  86. Build...something.
  87. Cook a fancy meal.
  88. Finish Chuck.
  89. And possibly Merlin.
  90. Watch North and South with at least two of my friends.
  91. See my Grandma.
  92. Visit the library.
  93. Pay off all of my library fines.
  94. Buy a really nice dress.
  95. Plant a vegetable garden.
  96. Officially learn Military time.
  97. Find something to be happy about every day.
  98. Get a really nice tan.
  99. Host a giveaway.
  100. Memorize some History dates.
  101. Be more patient.
Well, there we are. Next year, let's see how many I've done. Happy Epiphany, everyone.

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  1. Why do you need to stop obsessing over The Hunger Games?? ;)

    --Liz B

  2. It was fun reading this. :) I want to do a lot of these things too. Good luck on achieving your resolutions, and happy Epiphany ^-^

  3. Those are really great things!! :) Good luck at completing them!! :)


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