What I wear: Little Women

Last Friday I went to a young women's recollection. It was nice, the talk was thought-provoking, and I liked singing carols, and of course, getting to see Angele.

While we were there, one of the ladies told me, out of the blue that I looked like someone out of Little Women. I laughed, and said thank you, since that is a huge compliment. I love Little Women, and funnily enough, had been re-reading it earlier that day.

I asked who, and she said probably Jo, which made me laugh even more, because I've always thought I'm the most like her. Brown hair, bookworm, clumsy, fifteen, talks a bit loudly.

Scarf: Target
            Shirt: American Eagle
                                       Skirt: Thrift store, and the tag is torn off
     Leggings: Adidas
           Shoes: Denver Hayes

I love Little Women. It's probably my favourite book. Whenever I'm feeling down, I open it up, and am immediately comforted by Marmee's wisdom, Beth's sacrifices, and Jo's scrapes. And it also helps that I have a bit of a crush on Laurie. ;D

I watched the movie, but felt like it didn't really do the book justice. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't fantastic either.

Anyway. I'm off to try and unpack some more of the boxes in my room, and maybe do some Christmas baking. Only two more weeks!


  1. I adore this outfit. Really. Especially the scarf . . . *girlish sigh of longing* Oh, and I love Little Women, too, but I think you already knew that. :) That book never gets old; I think I have whole chapters memorized.

    Love ya,
    Lady Elizabeth of the Rose

  2. Sooo cute!! I love Little Women and you do remind me of Jo too! =)

  3. What a cute outfit!

    Oh, and Laurie's mine ;)


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