My 100th post this year!

In honour of this momentous (not really) occasion, I am going to copy Bree and list 100 things about myself.. Because I have no imagination and can't think of anything myself.

Except, some of them aren't exactly about myself. They do have something to do with me, however.

  1. I really like cookies.
  2. I am solar powered. I'm serious
  3. My feet hurt.
  4. I've hit a roadblock in my book. Ah-gain.
  5. I'm still in my pajamas. Again.
  6. I haven't had breakfast.
  7. Again!
  8. I've become obsessed with Tangled.
  9. I wasn't when I first watched it, but then it kinda grew on me.
  10. I've been stalking Tangled Art, and Tangled Behind the scenes on Youtube. :P
  11. I haven't been watching all that much Robin Hood.
  12. But I will, soon.
  13. My room is CLEAN! :D:D
  14. I dislike Fridays.
  15.  Rebecca Black is my third reason.
  16. My first reason is that it's meatless. I hate meatless.
  17. My second reason is that it's associated with Christ's death, and therefore seems so...grim all the time.
  18. I stayed up until 11p.m. last night reading Thr3e by Ted Dekker.
  19. I was tossing and turning, because it's not a good idea to read a thriller right before bed.
  20. I kept thinking Slater was going to come and kill me in my sleep.
  21. I finished the book the afternoon. I liked it.
  22. A lot.
  23. I bought the new Taylor Swift CD. 
  24. Not sure why...
  25. I think it's because it had the song 'Enchanted.'
  26. But I like Adam Young's version better.
  27. I hate footwear.
  28. If I could, I'd go barefoot all year round.
  29. But snow is very painful on my bare feet. So I don't.
  30. I am now dressed.
  31. In a t-shirt, a long skirt, and sweatpants.
  32. My legs were cold.
  33. Because my window is stuck open, and it's freezing and pouring rain outside.
  34. I haven't stalked Richard Armitage in a while. O_o
  35. No wait. I just did. :P
  36. My brothers say I'm a creep.
  37. But I just smile innocently.
  38. I'm watching The Young Victoria again tonight! :D
  39. Hopefully while eating sorbert. 
  40. I've got 60 more things to list.
  41. I think that's a lot.
  42. I'm now watching The Hobbit news on Youtube.
  43. And now I'm watching RH fan-vids on Youtube.
  44. This post was created over a long space of time.
  45. Is it obvious?
  46. I just yawned.
  47. Mom made my sleep with Mariana last night, so as to prevent her from waking up and disturbing mom.
  48. So I was disturbed instead.
  49. I fell asleep reading this morning.
  50. That's how tired I was.
  51. 49 more things to list.
  52. I wish I had a horse.
  53. I want to marry a rancher.
  54. Or a millionaire.
  55. Heck, I'd just like to marry.
  56. I have a thing for Period Drama music.
  57. Especially the music from the 2005 P&P and, of course, N&S.
  58. I'm learning Liz On Top of The World on the piano.
  59. It's rather difficult.
  60. My book is progressing quite well.
  61.  My essay for this week, however, is not.
  62. Again.
  63. I hated having braces.
  64. Grooveshark is my new favourite website.
  65. I got two orders on P&PD. I'm happy.
  66. I'm wearing a big bow clip in my hair.
  67. It's bright yellow.
  68. I've got no socks on.
  69. I had pizza for dinner.
  70. I can't stop watching THIS video.
  71. I think it's awesome.
  72. I wish I was in The Hobbit.
  73. If I was Saiorse Ronan, I'd take the part in a flash.
  74. Septimus is lying on my lap, staring at me.
  75. I bet he thinks I'm crazy.
  76. I spent three hours editing a drawing this afternoon.
  77. No, it wasn't really worth it.
  78. I have too many bookmarks in my browser.
  79. There. I just deleted three.
  80. They were all something to do with Tangled.
  81. I wish I had frizz-free hair.
  82. But at least it's not poofy right now.
  83. I need  to think of 17 more things.
  84. The river in our town has flooded.
  85. I'm grateful that we live up on the big hill.
  86. Because some of those houses down by the river are toast.
  87. I've got the "I've got a jar of dirt" remix stuck in my head.
  88. I might start posting some of my favourite outfits.
  89. But I need to know what you would all think.
  90. I wish I was a better artist.
  91. I guess I should practice more.
  92. I'm pretty much out of ideas.
  93. I really want to see the new Jane Eyre movie.
  94. I kind of hate uppercase letter.
  95. lowercase ones are just so much cuter.
  96. But, an educated person uses proper Capitalization.
  97. I am an educated person.
  98. I believe in Jesus Christ, His only Son, Our Lord.
  99. I thought I should list something profound.
  100. I don't really think life is like a box of chocolates. But I love that quote all the same.


  1. I'm randomly looking at blogs for a break during studying... and this post so totally cracked me up! lol... love it! :D

  2. This post is so cute! I hope you had fun - because I certainly did.


  3. 1. i laughed
    2. a lot...
    3. obviously i am not an educated person
    4. oh well
    5. I LOVE YOU
    6. BETH <3

  4. The Hobbit! I wish I could sing a song for it like Enya did for The Fellowship of the Ring.

    Well, anyway. Hello. I found this blog from a friend's (Angele's) blog. My name is Frodo15 (though I go by alaw in blogger). I am a super Lord-of-the-Ring and Elijah Wood fan...and I'm a writer. :)

  5. Hello again,

    By the way, how do I sign your guestbook? I can't seem to be able to do it.

    - Frodo15 (alaw)

  6. Thanks everyone! xD

  7. Life is like a box of hot red peppers you never know when they're gonna explode on you :)

    You are so cute and I wish I had your hair



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