i'd like to be beautiful...

Especially since the world is ending today. :P

I'd like to be beautiful.

I'd like to be drop-dead gorgeous, I'd like to turn heads in every room.

I wish my hair was long, sleek and golden, my eyes were a deep ocean blue, and skin that was a creamy peach.

But on the realistic side;

I'd like a much smaller nose that doesn't look like it takes up my entire face. I'd like bigger eyes that are a more intense green. I'd like to have longer, blacker, thicker eyelashes.

I'd like a smoother, even complexion instead of a blotchy red one. I'd like smaller lips instead of big ones. 

I'd like hair that is either darker or lighter, thinner, and that doesn't poof out a foot in diameter after every shower.

I'd like longer, more delicate fingers, smaller hands and smaller feet.

I'd like to have a more elegant figure; at least a smaller ribcage!

I'd like to have one of those 'sparkling' laughs, and a dazzling smile.


I'm not sure why. Maybe, because I am a girl, and therefore, a little vain. Maybe because I am human, and therefore want to be noticed by other humans. Maybe because I am an extremely ungrateful person. Maybe because I know that most people acknowledge looks before they do personality. Maybe because it's so much easier to worry about looks than it is personality. I can change my disposition. I can't change my looks. And bothering about my personality is hard.


Most of those are impossible to change. Some of them are, and I can work on them, but it's useless to dwell on things like that.

For one thing, God doesn't care what I look like. To him, I am beautiful, just the way he created me. He made me look the way I look for a reason, and who am I to question him? God doesn't care about looks. To him, we are all look perfect. There is not a single ugly person in the world, nor a person more comely that the rest of us. We were made in his image. To him, we are all magnificent, perfect flowers. 

He does, however, care about what we look like on the inside. He cares if we are pure and good, kind, chaste and humble. He cares that I don't have a sunny disposition inside most of the time. And he cares when I do. 

The people who will care about what I look like will most likely be ones that I don't want to know. People who focus mainly on looks instead of personality are usually shallow, 
Instead of worrying about impressing people, I will worry about impressing my Creator.

I will become beautiful on the inside. I will be happy and smile, because everyone knows a smile is one of the most beautiful things there is to see.

I will posses a joyous heart. 

Because Joy is such a very beautiful thing.

And I will remember that beauty is on the inside. I will remember that people who are lovely on the inside are lovely on the outside. Their inner beauty radiates all around them.

Go ahead and tell me that there isn't something beautiful about Mother Teresa. 

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them." 

So, I will work hard. I will work and work to become inwardly beautiful.
If I do that, I won't care about how I look on the outside.

I'll be too busy loving God.


  1. Brilliant post. It's something I struggle with, too.

  2. How true this is! Thanks for posting!

  3. Mother Teresa is drop-dead beautiful! Not kidding. :D
    It changes your appearance so much if you have a joyful heart; I have witnessed it!
    Not to say I still don't have the same troubles you do...*sigh*

  4. I loved this post -- wonderful truths. It's a shame that many people have it ingrained in their heads (from the media) that certain people are more beautiful than others. No one is perfect. And, while some are blessed with "good looks," those are only good by someone's standards.

    Inner beauty is much better! And it is something we all CAN change. Thank you for posting this :)

    ~Liz B


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