Notes to self

note to self;  making yourself sick on semi-sweet chocolate chips does cure your chocolate craving, but not in a pleasant way. especially not right before bed. :/

note to self; you go on a caffeine high if you get a StarBucks larger than Tall! Sheeeesh!

note to self; you really love sushi. really.

note to self; that's three notes in a row that have to do with food. better fix that, or someone is going to say how you remind her of another someone in a certain T.V. show.

note to self; never take your children to dentists. ever.

note to self; marry a rancher when you grow up.

note to self; you hate formal writing.

note to self; get off the computer already.

note to self; obliterate all laundry. forever.

note to self; k, really. get off the computer. you now have a headache.

note to self; go make some cookies.

note to self; tell your followers you love them.

Goodbye. ;)

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  1. Note to Gwen: And your followers love you back!


  2. Note to Gwen: That certain someone wouldn't happen to be ME, now would it? *innocent face*

    Actually, I giggled quite a bit when I read that part, because that was EXACTLY what I was going to say! You know me too well... :)

    Elizabeth Rose

  3. You just made me want to eat chocolate while watching Robin hood, and drawing a whole bunch of awesomness!


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