'tis the season to fast

by - March 10, 2011

Otherwise commonly known as Lent.

It is, at this time, when I start to feel like a really rotten person.
Because, I dread it. Instead of being a good, selfless girl and thinking; Oh yay! I get to make sacrifices like my Savior, and offer up my discomfort for the souls in Purgatory, I go; No! I have to make a what?! S-A-C-R-I-F-...but I don't wanna!!!!!

For example, yesterday, we were abstaining from meat, since it was Ash Wednesday.
In case, for those people who clearly don't know me very well at all, I love meat. I am a full-fledged carnivore.
I love veggies too, but I rely on meat to satisfy me, most of the time.

The ideal meal for me would be;

Breakfast - Bacon, bacon and more BACON.
Lunch - chicken salad sandwich, with cucumbers.
Dinner - Roast beef and potatoes and green beans

But anyway, moving on...
I was not in a good mood yesterday. I was growly and unpleasant. Everything got on my nerves, I was tired, and I was really impatient.
What a great way to start off Lent!

I went to Confession after Mass yesterday, and my priest told me to practice the work of service for Lent.
And I'm going to try. I really will.

This Lent, I'm giving up sweets. Since that's not such a huge sacrifice, I've also decided to do one work of charity or say and extra prayer each day.
 Today, my work is to obey my mother without complaining.

But I still feel bad, because I don't feel like I'm really into the whole Lent thing. Isn't it about sacrificing willingly, and joyfully, in honor of Our Savior? But I'm such a brat, all I can think of is whine whine whine, I don't wanna.

So, I'm praying about that, and working on a better attitude. After all, imagine what the world would be like if Christ had a Gwenea-like attitude when he died for us!

God bless,

P.S. I've been thinking seriously about quitting blogger for a while. I feel like I have nothing good to post about, nothing good to contribute to the blog-world. I also feel like I'm wasting follower-space. I know that sounds stupid, but I do feel like I'm wasting everyone's time or something.
So, I'll be praying about that too!

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  1. Ach, I feel your pain, my friend...I fasted yesterday and the fish that I had at dinnertime seemed like hardly any food at all...Well, the communion at Mass made up for that! :D

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only girl who loves meat :)

  3. Bacon....yeah, I had to fast yesterday too. We actually gave up meat for Lent as a family. We've done it once before, and candy. I personally am giving up snacking in between meals. Now that is hard...

    Gwen, you're a GREAT blogger! Don't quit! Breaks are okay...but don't quit or I'll-um, honestly I don't know...

  4. My first day of lent didn't go to well either...I am also a meat eater. :) I don't know how I'm gonna survive no meat of Fridays...especially since I have to cook every friday!

    Don't quit blogging! Maybe you need a little break, but don't quit!

  5. Oh, please don't quit blogging permanently... I can definitely understand taking a break, but I really do enjoy your posts! Trust me, you aren't wasting my time! You'd be missed if you left the blogging circle.


  6. Trini: I had fish too! And not nearly enough.. xP
    Sananora: Nope, most certainly not ;)
    Monica: WHAT?! how did you LIVE? You'll...what? ;)
    Sveta: Oh, I know...
    Stephanie: Thank you! :)

  7. So glad to see you post about lent! I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian so I know what it is like! I know it is hard. I also know how easy it is to get very grouchy and grumpy at people. I do that a lot. But there are differences for between grouchy people. I think the people who regret and are repentant about being grouchy are far better of than those who are not repentant! I see that you are not pleased with how you act.
    I will pray for you!

    Also I don't want you to go away!!!



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