my recipe for happines♥

by - March 12, 2011

Lately, I've been feeling depressed more and more often.
So, I've comprised a "recipe" of things that make me happy.
All images come off of

30 minutes of Owl City
(or however long it takes to make me smile)
2 times listening to Oah
 I episode of Robin Hood
1 rosary
1 handful chocolate chips
1 hug from mommy 
10 minutes journal writing
1 happy blog post ;)

each of these ingredients is optional, mix however you wish, and
Smile Smile Smile!

God bless, my lovelies!

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  1. I love this list, Gwen! :) :) I mean, how can you go wrong with Robin Hood? :P I'm so glad I got you started on it again. :) And I hope you feel joyful again, too--I know the feeling of being a little down in the dumps. :)

    (or Caralion, if you like, and thank you, I think it's an epic nickname, too :D)

  2. I love this list! I agree how could you go wrong with Robin Hood?! :)

    Hope you feel better soon! Praying for you!!!!!



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