recent movie i love; Nicholas Nickleby

I watched this movie last week, and I loved it!
It was an interesting mash of good actors and bad actors.

Charlie Hunnam - Nicholas is cute, but he's a TERRIBLE actor. His voice, mannerisms are just...very unprofessional and kind of annoying. Nevertheless, I like his character very much. He's determined, brave, and kind. A little bit too...I dunno...boy-ish, but that's understandable, he's only 19.

Romola Garai - Kate Nickleby was pretty good. I've seen her in several movies now, and I sort of like her. Her acting was actually quite convincing, and I liked her character as well. She is brave, shy, sweet and pretty. She tries to take care of her mother while Nicholas is away, despite many difficulties.

Jamie Bell - Smike the best actor, by far. He completely stole the spotlight, and was the perfect pathetic/adorable person. Smike is definitely my favorite character. He is a cripple 'orphan' who was abandoned at Dotheboys Academy. He is beaten and abused, nearly to death, until Nicholas comes along and saves him. I love Smike! He's the type of person that you adore and feel sorry for, and want desperately to hug. :P

Christopher Plummer - Ralph Nickleby was another good actor. He is the cold, heartless uncle of Nicholas and Kate. When their father dies, they go to him, hoping that he will help them financially, but he turns them down, sends Nicholas to work at Dotheboys, and Kate to work at a dressmakers. After Nicholas confronts him, he does everything in his power to make Nicholas' life miserable.

Anne Hathaway - Madeline Bray did a terrible job. I've never been a huge fan of her acting, but SHEESH! She can't hold a British accent to save her life, and did not do a very good job of conveying emotion. While she is not in this movie much, she is one of the main-ish characters, and I liked her character. She plays the extremely patient and charitable daughter of a drunkard, who falls in love with Nicholas, and vice versa for him.

Jim Broadbent - Wackford Squeers was not all that great. I've seen this actor in several movies, and liked him immensely, but, while his acting was not despicable, or even bad, I thought there was something...lacking. But that's just me. Mr. Squeers is the "headmaster" of Dotheboys academy. He is nasty, vile and pathetic. He abuses the boys by starving them and beating them. I was going to say he was heartless, but he seems to be madly in love with his equally nasty wife. I, of course, disliked him very much, especially when I saw him beat poor Smike.

Romance: There is a kiss in the end, which at first, seems mild, but then they start mouthing each other and I fast-forwarded. (another reason to dislike both those actors!)

Violence: Several beatings...but I think that's pretty much it. Oh, and someone hangs himself.
While this isn't exactly violence, there is no other category to put it under: At the VERY beginning of the movie they show an "umbilical cord" being cut. It looks rather like a piece of rag covered in ketchup, but it was a tiny bit disturbing, so I thought I'd better point it out.

Language: Kate is teased by a group of vulgar businessmen about...yeah. While there isn't anything TOO graphic, they are very persistent and just plain horrible.

I'd recommend it for ages 11+

Sorry...I didn't have anything else to post life has been terribly dreary of late!

God bless!


  1. I agree with everything you just said! In fact, that's pretty much exactly how I describe this movie to people. I like the story and the characters, and there are a couple of really good actors, but the main guy and Anne Hathaway's character were awful. Yup.


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