Day 24: A movie no one would expect you to love

by - February 24, 2011

Yeah I've skipped like...
A lot of the days...

A movie no one would expect me to love...

Oh man...that's a hard one! *think think think*
Ooh. I have it.


I love this movie. IloveitiloveitiLOVEit!

People who know me, know that I am a typical girl, who prefers mostly chick flicks, romances and fantasy.
So, this movie is very out of character for me. It's NOT a chick flick. It isn't really a romance. And it's not exactly a fantasy.

Why do I love this movie, you ask?
Answer: I'm not exactly sure.

Possibly because it has Russel Crowe in it, and he's one of my favorite actors.
Possibly because it's inspirational and wonderful.
Possibly because it has the most epic soundtrack ever written.


General Maximus has been leading the Roman army throughout norther Europe, conquering and defeating nations, all for the glory of Rome. But when he is told by the emperor Marcus Aurelius that he is to become the temporary caretaker of the Roman Empire, he is torn between duty, and the desire to return home to his family. However, when the emperor is murdered by his power-hungry and selfish son, he has new problems...the new emperor wants him dead. He escapes execution and flees for his home, hoping to save his family. Alas, when he arrives home, it is too late...his wife and son have been brutally murdered by the army he once commanded. Full of despair, he lies down to die, only to be taken prisoner by an African slave caravan, and forced to become a gladiator; a slave who fights for sport, and must kill...or be killed. One day, news comes that the emperor has ordered three hundred days of games, in honor of his 'deceased' father. Maximus and his gladiator friends are transported to Rome, to the great Colosseum. There, in front of all Rome, he will defy the emperor and free the people.

"The General who became a slave. The slave who became a gladiator. The gladiator who defied the emperor..."

I left out the ending details, just because I didn't want to give the whole movie away.

Caution: The fighting scenes can be rather gory, and there is one slightly inappropriate scene of near-incest that I like to skip.
And a kiss.(but not from the previously mentioned scene)
And I should also warn you that I cried in the end.
It took me watching it like...ten times before I could watch it without crying.

God bless!

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