Vacation pictures.

by - February 22, 2011

I didn't put my watermark on (partly because I don't HAVE on, and partly because I have no idea what it should SAY) so, please don't steal these.

Or my pet tiger (that I did get!) will eat you in your sleep.
Thank you.

View of the mountains outside our Villa...

View looking behind out Villa from the front of the Villa (If that didn't make any sense...tell me)

View from the road a few meters away from our Villa

Brother Number Two looking out onto the view. Our Villa is somewhere down there.

Road in a neighborhood near our villa.

View from way up the road

A sunny day! (there were like...two.)

View of the mountains on the highway

The mountain next to the one with the ski shack.

The mountains by the highway

View from the Rec hall parking lot.

View from the highway

Another view from the parking lot

Brother Number Two and I on the ski lift (It was my first time, I was pretty much hysterical with fright, and that nasty little thing wiggled the whole way up on purpose, and laughed at my hysteria!)

Brothers Number One and Two and I, going up to the platter lift with our skis and snowboard.

If any of you are interested in tales of our adventures, please comment, because otherwise, I probably won't bother...heh.

God bless!


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  1. I think making a blog design blog together would be fun. But I'm really trying to cut down on computer time. So maybe later.


  2. Oh Gwen-gwen, those pictures are wonderful!! It's such a beautiful place, I bet you have a glorious time with your family!!


  3. Was it just the word 'villa' that triggered my mind, or does it really look like Italy to me?
    Not that I've eve been to Italy, but the red roofs and tan walls make it look Italian.



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