I want a Victorian Dress

by - January 15, 2011

I watched The Young Victoria forever ago, and fell in love. With the story, the characters...but ESPECIALLY the costumes!


{not my photo}

I've been randomly surfing the internet...
If I was ANY good at sewing, I'd consider making one myself, but I couldn't sew a piece of clothing to save my life.
But I guess oggling them will have to do.
Happily for me, I found a page on them on Costumersguide.com.

Ohmygawsh...this is totally my favorite one. It's not in the movie though, I wonder why!

I love the flowers at the neckline... *sigh*

{not my photo}

And then the wedding dress...what wouldn't I give to be married in a dress like that!

{not my photo..okay, unless I say otherwise, non of these are mine!!! And all the Victoria ones are from Costumersguide.com}

I have to say, this bonnet completely takes me breath away...

I love her curls too...I once tried to do Young Victoria hair on my friend...
It might have worked, if my supply of hairpins wasn't drastically limited!

I'm not a huge fan of her hair here, but her dress is SO pretty!

Found a picture of JUST the whole dress...

All I'm doing is making myself feel more and more depressed.
Now ya'll know what to get me for my birthday!!

God bless,

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  1. You just need to come over to my house Gwen. I just finished my flannel regency gown... :D

    I would die for a Molly Gibson dress,

    and that was a metaphor, I would not actually die for one... Maybe break a nail :P

  2. I can't sew either....unless my grandma does most of it, and all I do is run the sewing machine. :P

    Those are beautiful though!! But they seem hard to move around in. That was the style though. :) I'd love to have one, anyway!

    ~Liz B


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