A deadly poison

So, this all got started with Bleah Briann's post; --->>>CLICK HERE<<<---  to see it.

She asks, "What happened here? Why is it all like this?" 
Hollywood is poisoning the culture of North America

Because people like her:


And him....

Are the role models for a majority of today's preteens, teens and even younger children!
Morality has almost disappeared from our culture.

Good manners?
What are you, like, 60?

Moral Principles?
Those are for goody-goody's.

Fame and Fortune is a hazard, to both soul and body.

Look at Miley Cyrus.
She went from
Cute, GOOD GIRL, supposed role model, rather cheesy Hannah Montana

To "Untameable", self absorbed, bad girl just like all the other famous stars!

In that career, you have to be bad to be successful.
You have to please your audience, no matter how soul-damaging it is.
You have to wear revealing clothing, sing lustful and degrading lyrics, or act in disgusting, demoralizing scenes in movies.

Refuse? Sing good moral songs? Act in good moral movies?
Too bad. No money for you. 
No big house, no stretch-limo, no million dollars.
Morality is for old people and those ridiculous Christian people who think there is some "God" who is going to reward them for their good works.
I am NOT saying this holds true every single time.
Just a vast majority of it. 


They become obsessed with their looks. 
My hair is too blonde
I'm too fat
Too skinny
Too tall
Too short
My nose is too big
My eyes are too small
My mouth is too wide
My teeth aren't perfectly straight

Seriously? How is this attractive? Or HEALTHY?

Young people imitate these "stars"!

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make....
Hollywood is dangerous. Fame is dangerous

My anger vent for today.
God Bless!



  1. And more than that! How could you do that to your own) hair(meaning the first picture)


  2. Its so true..
    and people listen to this baloney!

  3. this is such a lovely post. :) though I'm kinda jealous. Yours is so much lovelier then mine! LOL JK JK.. good for you. And awesome point!
    Still waiting for your letter. I sent you one out a couple days ago. Though I don't know how long it will take to get there.

    With Loveand Blessngs,
    Bleah Briann


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