Regency Dreams..

Let's face it. God in his infinite wisdom, placed me here and now for a reason. I respect and honor and love this reason.
I hope it's okay if I do a little wishful thinking, and maybe complain a bit about the good ol' 21st Century.

First of all, let's take a not-too-detailed peek at today's oh so luverly trends...
[click to enlarge]

And now, let's look at...
Oh, I don't know...
The Regency era?

Bet ya'll didn't see THAT one comin' eh?

For guys, I'm just going to say that this;

Looks better than this could even dream of.

I mean, seriously?

Keep dreaming.
Now, let me gripe a bit about the many annoyances that a Catholic young girl trying to live her faith as modestly as possible comes across.

Low riding jeans.
Back then, you exposed your undergarments?
Phfft! You didn't even THINK about doing that. Not once. NEVER. And if, say, you were drunk and you did? Jail, maybe? I don't know too much of their...politics and laws. (I'm too busy mooning over their dresses)

Mini shorts.

Yet again, you didn't even contemplate showing that much skin. you showed your ankes, and you were considered scandal girl #1. 
Okay, maybe I find that a teensy bit over the top. But I prefer it to mini shorts!

Low cut tops.

Sadly, they wore some pretty looooow cut dresses back in those days. BUT They would never have dreamt of wearing something as revealing, as, say, a bikini! And while we're on the topic of those.... 


There is nothing on this planet that makes me more irritated than a bikini.
A majority of underwear that most girls wear covers a LOT more than most bikini's do these days.
 The good old days were when you took a horse drawn carriage type thing into the water, had a swim, and then went back into it so people wouldn't see you with your dress stuck to you like a second skin.

And now, to wrap this up....
I like the picture on the left more.
It's more romantic.

What do YOU think?
What era would you have liked to live in?

This wasn't as well written as it could have been, I know.
God Bless, and please forgive me if I offended anyone!



  1. I agree!! Bikinis, low cut tops, mini skirts/shorts, tight clothing and low cut jeans are just... *ick*! Especially the bikinis. You might as well be wearing your underwear. I mean, if you show up at a water park/pool in your underwear, people would probably kick you out or call the police, but if you show up in a bikini.... oh that makes ALL the difference... NOT!!

  2. Lol I want to live in the Victorian Era :D

  3. You hit the nail right on the head, girl! Great post. ;)

  4. Monica: THANKS!!

    Eldarwen: EXACTLY

    Milisande: Hahaha I'm watching Young Victoria tonight!

    Shaynie: Thanks girl!

  5. I think it would be really cool to live back then. (there clothes are SO PRETTY!! And romance was, I don't know, cuter! :) But yet, I love the freedom that our era gives us. I mean I can't imagine running in a dress like they had back then. And if you wore pants you were ether considered "off" or uncivilized. Also, girls were pretty much stuck being house wives. NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT, it just seems like they had no choice in the matter.
    I'm with you though, there are many things in our generation that I think we could do without. (mini shorts, bikinis etc. etc.) So in that respect I'm 100% in agreement!! But I still think I'd prefer to live in our century!

    Yeah, so that's just my opinion!
    Awesome post by the way!! :D


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