Dear Papi...


Dear Papi.
I love you. I miss you, and can't wait to see you Thursday.
Thank you for being my daddy.
Thank you for kissing me when I'm sad, and hugging me when I'm happy.
Thank you for going out EVERY DAY (excluding weekends) to earn money to feed me.
Thank you for praising me when I do well, and for punishing me when I misbehave
Thank you making dinner every now and then, I love your cooking.
Thank you for loving me despite my defects and faults.
Thank you for not taking an axe to me when I deserve one.
Thank you for buying me gifts for Christmas, my Birthday and Easter, and sometimes in-between, just because.
Thank you for marrying mommy.
Thank you for making sarcastic jokes and comments that make me smile.
Thank you for tolerating my emotional outbursts.

Thank you for everything Papi.
I love you.

God Bless!