Dear Cloud...

How are you? You seem rather GREY, so maybe you're sad, so I hope you won't get offended by this letter.

It's been raining for about two weeks on and off. Would it be too much to ask for you to tun it off?
Anymore of this, and I'm sure we'll get another flood.
And that won't be pleasant. Last time that happened, the park was torn up, the bridges were destroyed, and houses were ruined.

But I have a suggestion.
Why don't you go and rain in Africa somewhere?
One of those villages where the kids have to walk ten miles there and back to a well with a small bucket of water, and the water's contaminated anyway.

The crops are fine! The flowers are drowning, for goodness' sake!

I used to like hearing the sound of rain at night, but now every time I hear it I want to cry.
Grey is SUCH a sad, dull, depressing color.
Is it even a color?

My insides are permanently wet, I'm sure of it.
And at this rate, the ground is never going to dry.

THIS IS CANADA!!! I thought England was supposed to be the permanently damp place!

The sun has had it's break, and I MISS HIM!
I mean, I'm grateful for you letting him shine on Sunday, rain during a picnic would have been awful, but PLEASE!

please please please please PLEASE!!!
What do you clouds accept for a bribe, anywho?

ARE you SAD?
Because if so, maybe you should talk to somebody.
Did your best friend ditch you?
Did your cousin die?
 Did someone insult your weight?
(I think you have a very flattering figure, so don;t worry about that)
Why don't you try praying? It might help, and the ceasing of tears would make us all happy.

Including you!
So, why don't you go talk to your mommy, or your brother, or the guy who accidentally brushed past you on a crowded walkway, and stop crying.
You'll get dehdrated. All this loss of water cannot possibly be benificial to your health.

Well, I have to go help make dinner (I dunno what it is though), so I hope you'll take some of what I said into consideration, without taking offense, since you're probably feeling super sensitive right about now.

God Bless



  1. Haha! I love this post... you're a good writer :)
    It's raining here too... part of our school field got flooded today

    God bless
    ~ Jessica

  2. I wish you could send that cloud down south; we could use the rain!!!

  3. Umm Gwenea,
    Rainy season in Africa is over... Thats why its over here!


  4. WELL.....
    Whaaat about....Central America???


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