Christ loved us so...

Not-so-fun facts about The passion, that I heard about on a CD, which while disturbing, I felt the need to let the world know. (some of this information was gleaned from The Shroud of Turin)

1: In the bible, is says that Christ bled sweat. Science tells us that this has actually occurred, and that when it does, it leaves the whole body feeling bruised. This means that his suffering was twice as horrible as ours would have been.

2: According to Jewish law, a man was only allowed to be whipped 32 times. Any more than that could kill a man. Christ was whipped 120 times. Remember, he had gone through the bloody sweat. Jewish law also only permitted whipping on the back. Christ was whipped on his back, legs, arms and shoulders.

3: Instead of a crown, a cap of thorns was put on Christs head. The thorns were 2-3 inches deep.

4: Christ had lost an insane amount of blood what with his sweating, whipping and head wounds. This would have made him very dehydrated. And he had to carry his cross all the way to Golgotha. (fyi, head wounds bleed. Alot. He probably wouldn't have been able to see)

5: The particular place on his wrist that the nail was driven through, many people have fainted from the sheer pain of wounds there. Do you need more proof that he was God????

6: Every time he breathed, he had to pull up with his arms, and push with his feet. While he was nailed to a cross

7: He talked while he was up there! a) to the soldiers when he asked for water, b) to his mother, c) to his disciple John, and d) to his father. And this involved a ton of breathing!

8: The burial cloth he was wrapped in was a fine linen, so expensive, that Cleopatra didn't have as nice cloth as Jesus when he died.

I understand that some people may find this extremely gruesome and/or disturbing. Christs passion was a terrible, bloody thing. But he did it for all of us. And I want you all to know how much he suffered.

God Bless!