LIFE: I'm here.

I'm here in Nova Scotia, in a teeny tiny community about 25 minutes outside of Halifax. We arrived on the fifteenth, after a 16 day road trip across the country.
And let me tell you; this country is huge.
So much has happened since I last posted, and I want to share as much as I can, but it's going to take time, so I hope you all can continue being patient with me while I try to get myself sorted out here. It's been rough, and I miss home so much it hurts. But I've been sticking with the mentality that it's only temporary, and that I'll be back where I belong just as soon as I can, and that helps.

Pictures galore are coming, and since I'm going to be having a lot of free time once I'm unpacked, I'll hopefully (ha. ha.) be posting more. Here's a preview for now. It's just an instagram one, but that's all I've got at the moment!

Also, I wrote this the day I left home, but never got to posting it. I still want to share it though, so here it is.

Sorry I haven't been updating you guys, but life has been pretty busy, and every spare second I've had I've been obsessively spending with all my friends. It's funny, before I found out I was moving, I'd see a friend or two occasionally, but not really work at my social life. This summer though, I made a huge effort to see as many people as possible as often as possible, and not only did I grow closer to my old friends, I ended up making some new ones.

So I'm really, really sad to leave all these friendships, but at the same time, I feel like the move is part of the reason they are now the way they are. That's sort of comforting.

Today is my last full day here in beautiful Alberta. Tomorrow I'm going to Mass early in the morning, spending a bit of time there afterwards with the friends who are brave enough to wake up in time for 7:15 Mass, going home, packing up and driving east. I'm terrified. I'm angry, I'm heartbroken, I'm frustrated, I'm depressed, but I think I am just a tiny bit...well, maybe not excited, but curious, I guess. I've been trying to take this whole thing one step at a time. For now, I'm looking at this as a vacation. It's only temporary, because I plan to spend the whole summer out here next year, and maybe come back for a short visit in January.
And I do, eventually, want to move back here permanently. Because this is home, and this is where I belong. I'm an Alberta girl, and I'll always be an Alberta girl.

God bless, everyone.


  1. So pretty! I hope you like it there!

  2. This is beautiful, Gwen. I hope this will be a lovely experience for you, even though you have to leave your home.
    I'll be praying for you. ^^
    -- Abby [I was once ShadowFlower a really, really long time ago.]


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