PHOTOS: summer

just a bunch of photos of my summer so far.

In order, this summer I have;
  • gone to two grads. both homeschooled. the first was for my gorgeous redheaded friend Rebecca, and the second was for my also gorgeous fellow brunette friend Marjorie. I love those girls.
  • seen my cousin Geraldine for the first time in twelve years. she came out from Sweden to visit for ten days, and we took her all over southern Albera. it was fantastic. she's awesome.
  • gone to the prettiest ranch I ever did see on dominion day and took a ridiculous amount of pictures. then of course there were fireworks, and we waited for them in my town on the crest of a hill we could see practically all of the town on. it was lovely
  • I've spent quite a bit of time with Rebecca. I seriously love that girl. We went out to the reservoir several times to take pictures, which was tons of fun. This particular 'shoot' is the only one on my camera though. :/
  • and then of course, I've been spending time with my family. the other night, the littlest munchkins were eating pie (made by yours truly) on the deck, and I sat with them. they were so cute, and the evening light was so pretty, I had to take a few pictures.
My summer's been pretty great. Right up until I found out I'm going to be leaving everything I know and love to move to Halifax in about two months.

For the past few weeks I've been somewhat miserable. But I'm determined to enjoy the rest of my summer and my time here. Because this is home, and this is where the people and places I love are.

So to answer everyone's questions, no I'm not going to be an America girl or an Ontario girl. I'm going to be a Nova Scotia girl. And I'm scared.

How's everyone's summer been?


  1. Oh my word...that is scary. Though I have to say it must also be at least a teensy bit exciting since it's on the other side of Canada...and it's probably beautiful (but then, so is Alberta). Do they have the Latin Mass there? Are you moving because of your dad's work or something else?

  2. So, you really are moving? Eeep! Hope you do well, darlin'. And those pictures are all just absolutely adorable. And I'm not sure when that little brother of yours grew up, but apparently he did o.O

  3. So you really are moving? Eep! And those pictures are just utterly adorable, and is that your brother? o_O, he grew up, when did that happen? Good grief. Out of Alberta? I've been so out of the blogging world lately, I totally missed any updates :P. I'll be praying, darlin'.

  4. You are a beautiful human. And I'm praying that Nova Scotia will be a wonderful new home for you, even though you have to leave your home in Alberta. Alámenë.


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