PHOTOS: Baby and Me

The other day, I decided to a photoshoot with Baby. I think she's very photogenic, don't you?

And then I took two pictures of the flowers I pressed ages ago, and then forgot about. I found them when I was moving a pile of books on my desk (I couldn't understand why on earth a bunch of dictionaries would be just sitting on my desk) to take the pictures of Baby, when I scattered a bunch of colourful  dry flower petals all over the place. 

They've kept their color very well, I'm impressed. I sprayed them with hairspray right before pressing, because someone told me that helps them keep the color, instead of looking like compost. It worked surprisingly well.

I'm pretty sure these were from my birthday bouquet. FYI, my birthday was September. No, I never de-clutter. Like, ever. 

One last thing; We need to go about giving Baby a proper name. She's a girl, so it has to be female, and it can't be a more common name like Mary or Susie or what have you. It has to be kind of old sounding, but poised.

That makes no sense, so if anyone has any suggestions, any at all, I welcome them.


  1. Oh my stars. A typewriter!!! :D AHHHHHH!!! Those flowers are beautiful.

    Hmmmmmm... you need, like, an.. inky, writey sorta name... what about Scholastica? Like the saint! Mmm... kinda long. Hmmm.. I don't know. Anyway, lovely photos!

    God bless

  2. Oh, you have a typewriter! I'm so jealous.

    For names, Agacia means "Writer" in Greek, so I think that's pretty relevant. ;)

  3. Agacia. Although, Baby is a pretty great name.

    A birthday bouquet is a wonderful idea. I might try it this year. Hee.


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