LIFE: baby, it's cold outside.

by - March 19, 2013

Early last week, we had the loveliest warm spell. The piles and piles of snow were reduced to melted puddles and small rivulets running down the streets. Sure, there was mud everywhere, but who cares? On Wednesday, it was actually +14 degrees outside! That was all very exciting.

Alas, here in Alberta, Canada, the weather is nothing if not finicky. We have a saying; "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes, and it'll change." How irritatingly true. This first photo was taken on Thursday.

It was cold that day. I'm talking -10. At least.

The rest were taken yesterday. It's sunny right now, but it's -9. Sigh.

 The end of March is coming up (and Easter!), and I'm really hoping that it will start to warm up - permanently - soon. I don't mind winter for a few weeks, around Christmas, but I'm definitely ready for spring. Green things, warm breezes, going outside without 10 layers of clothing. That would be really nice.

Oh, and I got my bangs straight-cut a few weeks ago! I usually have side bangs, and even then they're so long they're morel like shorter layers around my face, but I decided to try something new. They're taking some time to get used to, and they require regular maintenance (or else I get a really nice wavy 80's thing going on), but I do like them. I actually find that even regular old ponytails feel kind of new and interesting with these bangs. I'm not sure if I'll keep this style, but I'm having fun with them while they're here.

 What's the weather like where you're all living?

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  1. Brrr! It was 65 degrees here today! :-)
    Your newest follower,


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