boxing day

Merry late Christmas, everyone!
Guess what I got for Christmas? A cameraaaaaaaa! Not a dslr (I have, like I said, decided to put that one on hold), but a pretty darn nice camera. I've been experimenting with it all day. Trying out different shots, learning how it all works...and I love it. It films too, which is fun, because I captured the famous Nerf-War of December 2012 on film. Which I can't show you, unfortunately. But moving on!

the roses papi bought mommy on christmas eve
my christmas stocking
shameless selfie for which there is no excuse

i tried out my new nail pens!...and i still stink at nail art.

alsatian pudding. our christmas treat. if you haven't tried it, you haven't lived.

baby boy. this is possibly my favorite picture in the world.
Today, I had actually expected to be working, but when I got to work, my boss informed me that actually he forgot to tell me I was off today, so that was that.
When I got home, a full-fledged nerf-war was raging up and down the staircase, my father in the midst of it all. So what could I do but pick up a nerf-gun and join in? It was a pretty awesome afternoon. For a while, Papi and the boys went out to buy more darts, so I loafed around at home and tried out my nail pens. You have already seen the results...only they're a lot more mangled now, from pulling the trigger on the nerf-gun all afternoon.

Christmas was quiet. We opened our stockings, went to Mass, came home, finished opening our gifts and had some friends over. It was nice. We cooked lots and lots of delicious food, chatted, ate fudge, ate pudding, and lounged. Our guests left early-ish, so I went to bed at a reasonable hour.

How was your Christmas, everyone? What were your favorite gifts?


    The world has now seen the beautiful face of "Gwen". Are you going to reveal your name too????

    1. *Half my face. ;)
      I dunno, for about a year now, I've been debating on whether or not I want to do that. We'll see what the new year brings!

  2. I love the pictures! They look great! :) I am so glad you had a wonderful Christmas. The Nerf-war sounds like so much fun! :)
    PS. You have lovely eyes.


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