So. My Week of Pinterest Hairstyles has been postponed until either sometime in December, or possibly January. The reason for this being that I forgot all about NaNoWriMo and the fact that 90% of bloggers were participating. There is another reason thought, and it's because I hope to have saved enough money to purchase a really really nice camera by the end of the year.

Oh yeah; did I not mention yet? I HAVE A JOB. I got it in early October. I work at a little cafe/gellateria. I love it, actually. It's a relatively low-key job, I get to taste the different gelatos, and I get a reasonably good pay. The only downside is that it's new, and therefore not very busy, but that's fine, because it gives me room and time to learn better.

this was a really short post.


  1. That is so great! I have always thought working in a coffee shop would be so cool! I wish things were not so expensive! I am saving up for a laptop. why must everything cost money? :) I am glad that your job in working for you. I look forward to seeing your pinterest hair style posts when you get them out!

  2. *sob* Nanowrimo for next year!

    Kudos to you for the job ;). Sounds like something I'd love to do! I shall have to content myself with babysitting every few months for now *sigh*


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