Happy Birthday, Septimus!

Okay so before I start I'd like to mention that this new Blogger thing is annoying the living daylights out of me and I've never written a post with this new layout so if things end up looking screwy, I'm SORRY.

Happy birthday to my youngest brother, baby Septimus! Although I suppose, he's not a baby anymore. He's one year old! Be still my poor beating heart!

See that precious boy? A year ago, I was sitting on this blog, typing out my excitement and waiting desperately for my parents to come home so I could meet my newest sibling.

In the past year, he has taught me many things, including how darn cute tiny children can be. He is now walking almost all the time (although he still wobbles quite a bit), he has lots of teeth, and he's started toddling after Mummy, holding onto her skirt and giggling/squawking/screeching/mumbling; "Mamamamama! Mama!"

He gives kisses now (only after a lot of begging), which involves him leaning forward, poking you with his tongue and then running away laughing.

He has blue eyes that positively sparkle, the chubbiest cheeks and the fattest feet I've ever seen.

We've nicknamed him "The Precious." If he's fussing, or if one of us wants to hold him, or whenever we're referring to him, we say, "Where's the Precious? Why is Precious crying? Let me hold the Precious."

Mum isn't altogether pleased that he's been named after the Ring of Power, but we've informed her that he isn't, he just happens to be precious.

Happy Birthday, Precious boy! STOP GROWING!


  1. Holy. Cow. How is he one?!?!!?! I saw this post in my dashboard, and I was like... O.O

  2. *jaw drops* I cannot believe "The Precious" is one year old already. Last I checked, it was a week ago — at most — that you were posting about his birth. Of course, that was back in the good old Buzzy days when we couldn't help rambling on and on about RH, Gizzy, and Heidi the arch nemesis . . . but that was all a week ago, too, right? ;)

    Gah. Time flies way too fast. Give your (not so) little brother lots of hugs and kisses for me!

    Love ya,
    Elizabeth Rose

  3. awww! you're such a sweet sister!

  4. Those eyes. O.O My goodness, he's adorable-and-a-half!

    ~Nessima of Arda Nessimava

    (p.s. I'm having a giveaway!)

  5. OMWord...To repeat hat most everyone here has said... How on *earth* did he ever get that old? He's the cutest thin, and is very,*very* precious. Give him a kiss for me ;).

  6. No. Way. He is not one yet. ;D How is that possible?? And I was going to mention something about the good old buzz days, but I see Elizabeth already covered that. :)


  7. Exactly how i feel when I look at T!


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