Katniss-Braid; Hair Tutorial

by - April 18, 2012

The following tutorial was inspired by THIS video, which I reccommend watching before you read this, just to make things a little simpler. Anyway. While I thought it was better than most (and it had the actual hairstylist from The Hunger Games movie!) I still didn't think it looked exactly right. AND I don't know how many people have money to go out and buy that fancy hair kit. I know I don't! So, (to sound horribly cliche) without further ado, I present my very own tutorial on how to braid your hair like Katniss!

What you'll need:

  • A hair elastic
  • A curling iron
  • Basic knowledge of french braiding and/or dutch braiding (see THIS video)
  • Some hair pins (just in case)
  • A comb
  • A reference picture (optional. try THIS one and THIS one.)

Step One: Turn your curling iron on. Part your hair on the right side, using the comb. This was a bit weird for me, since I have a natural left part, but after some combing and pinning (just to press my bangs into submission), I made it work! 

Step Two: Take a small piece of hair from the top of your hair, and twist it, so it looks like this;

Make sure to twist it tightly, but not too tightly, if that makes any sense. :s
Pick up your curling iron, and wrap the twisted piece of hair around the barrel, holding it there for eight to ten seconds. Let go.

Repeat several times, twisting and curling pieces all around the top of your head. 

Le result:

Yes. Yes it looks weird. Hang on.
Step Three: Gently finger-comb the twisty-curlies. I did it a bit too hard the first time, so they got horribly tangled at the ends. Actually, I'd say that you're better off separating them into two or three different pieces, instead of finger combing.


Still looks strange, yes I know.

Step Four: Take a medium-big-ish sized piece of hair from the left side of your head, and separate it into three equal pieces. Start dutch braiding; cross the pieces under each-other, picking up new pieces of hair as you go along.

Step Five: As you go along, instead of making the braid travel diagonally across your head like most tutorials show, wind down past your ear and around your head.

Step Six: Keep braiding until the braid reaches the right side of your head, and you start running out of hair. Once all the hair has been gathered up, finish off the braid normally, only remember to keep crossing the pieces underneath one another.

Step Seven: Tie the end with an elastic, and pin back any big twistys that are sticking out. Katniss didn't wear hairpins, but I had a few huge bits of hair sticking out all over the place. Just make sure to tuck the pins under your hair, so they can't be seen.

The Finished Product;

Ideally, the braid would be tighter, but I was in a hurry AND too lazy to do the braid over again. Anyway. This is my first hairstyle tutorial, so tell me if it was helpful (or not)! :)

I could probably take requests too, if the style is simple enough. I'm thinking about doing Clove's Training Center hair, or Prim's Reaping hair.

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  1. It looks lovely on you! Bree is fabulous at the Katniss braid and wears it often, but I have not tried it yet myself. :D

    Love you,
    Elizabeth Rose

    1. *cough* I wouldn't say fabulous. But yes, I do have experience in the area. It's my...go-to hairstyle. :)

      This is lovely! Your hair is dark, and therefore looks more like Katniss' than my light brown locks. I would love more tutorials!


    2. Thank you dear! I like to wear it, it's easy and fun to do, but sometimes I feel a bit self conscious going out in public, if you get what I mean.

  2. This is one of my favourite hairstyles. But I actually wore it before I even knew THG existed. My theory is that someone from Hollywood saw me wearing it, put it on Katniss, dubbed it "Katniss's Braid", and forgot to credit me. And now everybody's wearing it, completely unawares that I invented it. It's such a cruel world. *wink*

    ~Nessima of Arda Nessimava

    1. I say you alert the head hairstylist and give her a piece of your mind.

  3. I was actually just thinking on how I really liked they did it, and my hair NEVER works when I braid it over to the side...everything on the left side ALWAYS falls out.

    1. Have you tried maybe spraying a bit of hairspray on the left side?

  4. Wonderful hair tutorial! I love braids, and I am happy to try anything from the Hunger Games! I have one question though. Would the curling iron be necessary to do the curling iron? So far as I can see the curling iron it just adding body. I don't like the curling iron that we have, so if there is any way to do it without it I will be very happy. :) I also could not help but admir you bookshelf. :) You have lovely hair!

    1. No, the curling iron is just for texture, before I saw the video tutorial that inspired this, I just braided it. Haha, thank you! It's been looking terribly empty of late though...I haven't been able to locate a number of my books since we moved. :/
      Thank you!

    2. This is the coolest hairstyle ever! I did this to my little sister's hair and it looked awesome. Thank you for making this tutorial

    3. I'm glad you liked it! Ooooh. Did you take pictures? CUZ I WANNA SEE.

  5. Woah.. Your bookcase looks exactly like mine :) Even the order of books. Except you don't seem to have Inkdeath, and I don't have have the books that you have that are before the Inkheart trilogy on the shelf.


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