Random one, two, three...

Random One: Right now, I'm lying in my bed, on the computer because I thought my online class was at 10:00, not 10:30.
Why am I in bed? I assure you, there is a good reason for this. I am ill again. It seems that what I thought was maybe just a little dehydration is actually a sore throat and a cold. Bummer.

Random Two: About the Sunday outfit thing...
I meant to post a picture last Sunday. Really, I did. But we were so busy all day, what with getting ready for church, then going to church, and then we went  to a friend's after and didn't get back until late...I didn't have time to take a picture and upload it.
I meant to do it yesterday as well. But then we had to rush off to volunteer at a campaign office, and I was dying a painful death the whole time as I filled out membership forms. (I despise doing memberships. I mean it when I say that I'd rather walk over glass in bare feet than fill out membership forms.)
We got home in the evening, and by then, I was feeling horrid, and it was cold out, but I still planned on doing the photoshoot.
Until I realized that I had either a) left my church clothes at our friends the day before or b) left them in the green suburban, which was locked and my dad wasn't home with the keys.

Anyway. I do have an outfit for you, but it's not the one I wore on Sunday. And it isn't nearly as cute. And it doesn't make me look fat.

                                Cardigan: American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes: Midtown
           Dress: Nougat London

Random Three: If my mother doesn't go out and rent X-Men: First Class while she's out today, I will be sorely grieved. I have nothing to do all day but sit and feel sorry for myself, and I'm about five minutes away from the end of Northanger Abbey. That was my distraction, but now it's almost finished, and I spoilt the ending for myself anyway, by watching the end on Youtube. I'd read the book already, but still...
By the way, does anyone else think Mr. Tilney is handsome?
Eeheehee. They are the most adorable couple ever.

And yes, I've seen X-Men before, in the cinema. But I liked it a lot and I want to see it again. And there is a slight possibility that I have a crush on one of the...erm...bad-ish guys.

I must go now, since my class started a little while ago, and I haven't been giving it my full attention. Although, the class is almost over and we're still discussing technical difficulties.


  1. Haha -- for shame, blogging when you're supposed to be studying. ;)

    I think the outfit looks very lovely! And I do like the idea of a sort of fashion series. But I wouldn't recommend you do it every week...that way it stays interesting.

    I love the new blog design, I have read your blog even though I haven't commented lately, and I hope you feel better soon!!!

    --Liz B :)

  2. Your outfit is lovely, very pretty and soft. You got to see X-men at the movies!!!!! It was here and gone at our cinema before I could go, and the Dvd doesn't coemout in Oz until next month. =[
    And Wolverine is mine!!!!! okay, I'll share if you want . =]
    Hope you aren't too sick. =[

  3. Autumn: Haha! It's okay, you can have Wolverine. I want the young Magneto! :P

  4. I see you've posted alot and I haven't been checking...... SORRY!
    I'll come up with an excuse just give me time, k?


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