I have returned!

Hello everyone! After a very much enjoyed break, I am back in the blogosphere and ready to start writing again. Keep in mind that it'll probably take a little while to get everything going, and I still have a few things to edit, but I'm pretty much done.

Tell me what you think about the design! If you like it, consider ordering from my Design Blog!

Did you all enjoy your summer? I had a lovely one, and even though the weather was rainy for a large portion of it, I enjoyed it immensely. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures, because my camera charger still evades me. I've practically turned my room upside down, but to no avail.

I might not be posting too much during the week once school starts, because I have a very busy schedule. I have many more online classes than I usually do, plus I am now going to be taking a few art classes, and might start piano again.

Septimus turned four months on September third. Where has the time gone? Yesterday I was looking at pictures of him as a newborn, and goodness, I started to cry! Where did that tiny little boy go? He's gotten so big!

My birthday is tomorrow, and I'm quite excited. I get a cupcake-cake, because we have recently discovered a little shop that makes the most scrumptious little cupcakes ever baked. They are, no exaggeration, heavenly.  I'm hoping to convince my family to sit and watch North and South with me, but somehow, I do not think that will happen. I proposed that this evening, and got some very vehement refusals. I suppose I'll have to settle for something with a bit more action.

I saw the new X-Men movie and the new Jane Eyre movie this summer! Both were fantastic, and coincidentally had my new movie-crush, Michael Fassbender.

I am resolved to exercise more this winter. I am very shy in real life, and therefore don't like to go to the gym by myself (mum can't go, because of baby). However, I am going to attempt to conquer my fears, and go anyway. I am getting ridiculously plump and out of shape. ;)

Anyway, I must run, I want to watch some of BBC's Merlin before bed! Goodnight my dears!

-- Gwen


  1. BEAUTIFUL new design, Gwen! I knew you were a good graphic designer, but I didn't know you were *that* good! I love it. :)

    What, not even Mariana wanted to watch N&S? Pity...

    Elizabeth Rose

  2. ooooh. beautiful design. and picture :)
    I'll wish you a Happy Birthday tomorrow.
    I also think I'm going to check out this Merlin show. It sounds good :) I love anything by BBC.


  3. I love your new design! And by the way...you're not plump at all. :P That adjective would probably describe me better...not that I'm fat. :P

  4. I can sympithise with you on that, it just so hard to get ones realitives to watch great movies such as North and South. Anyway great blog! And Happy Birthday!
    Pax Christi,
    Miss Rose


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