Day Two of Natasha's Fashion Contest!

Cardigan: Urban Behavior Collection      Shirt: Paradisio      Skirt: Old Navy     Flats: Denver Hayes   Necklace: It's mummy's and I have no idea. I "borrowed" it from her, and she got it as a gift from my Tia Ceci

The only exciting/interesting thing that happened to me today:

Oh wait. There were two interesting things

#1: I found THE most adorable Vintage dress I have ever seen. AND a bonus, it was really flattering. Which is nice, because most dresses make me look fat. I'll wear it on Monday for the contest, if that's allowed Natasha!

#2: Mum and me were at the coffee shop this morning, and this lady at the table next to me says to me; "You're dressed to nicely! So demure and pretty. Where do you get your clothes?" 
So I told her that I got them mostly at the thrift store, and then she asked me if I lived in town, and I said yes, and then she asked me if I went to school, and I said no, I was homeschooled.....
So she said "Oh, my daughter here os homeschooled! Maybe you could exchange phone numbers?" So I told her that I would really like that, as I had no friends in my town really, and she asked me my name. I told her, and she, her husband and her daughter stared at me.
I was thinking, Uh oh. Am I named after some sort of Serial Killer or something?
Turns out that her daughter...
Maybe I should rewind a bit. A friend of ours had told me that there was this girl in my town who was my age, and quite lonely because she was an only child and homeschooled. So she gave me the girl's number, and we had chatted a few times, but she was always busy.
Then one day I tried calling, but an operator cut in and told me the line was no longer in use.
So that was the end of that.

So the mum explained to me that they had gotten their number changed, and now I have her new number, and I'm going to try to see Tara next week. Yay!
[ I should add, I have a very unique name. That's why they stared at me. I am almost positive that there are no girls with my name in my town, and possibly in Canada.] 

As an aside, mummy got up to shake Tara's father's hand, and he reached out and spilled the whole latté all over Tara's lap. Wonderful first impression eh?


Shaynie awarded me!

thanks to much! I love you girl!


I award...


God Bless,



    lol well i know the uniqueness of your name! Mine is everywhere though.. But always in male form.. Mak that 1 person i know is a female form of my name... Make that its the Spanish female form though...

    the only other name i know of your name is in a storybook and it wasnt exactly spelled like yours and the lady in the book was evil....
    so complete opposites!


  2. Love the outfit!

  3. Love the outfit and thanks for the award! :D


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