Nooooo! Due to the illness that has now spread through the whole flipping family, I can't go the the Latin Mass I know and love. Got stuck with the Mass in my town, which is highly irreverent. They clap a lot, for instance. Anyways, besides that, most of my friends go to the Latin Mass, and I can't see them. That'd be fine, if I had a social life. I don't. I'm home schooled, and have one friend in my town, and she's Jehovah Witness, and goes to school. My weekdays are really lonely. The luncheon after Mass is the only time I get with my friends, and next week, I have a two hour choir practice after Mass!!!! Argh!!!

Okay, done griping....for now. Yeah forgive my dramatic moment. It may seem silly, but I am a bit upset. Probably will post again later, because I have the whole of Sunday ahead of me, which I'm not used to. Usually, we are at the church by 11:45, Mass starts at 12:05 and finishes roughly around 1:30, then lunch, and socializing until about 3-3:30. Sometimes we go visit friends. But here I am, It's 11:40, and I would probably just be arriving at the church.......ugh.

I'm done now, I promise.

God Bless!


  1. hey, i really missed you at mass! i hope you feel better though. :)


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