Ahh, Mondays. That day after Sunday. When you look back, with fond memories of your weekend, and look with hope to the new week..............

Let's start this post again. With me being realistic. I hate Mondays! I have a whole week ahead of me, and I didn't have a very nice weekend. I was sick. This week I have.....Tuesday: Class. Someone has to take one of my brothers to piano. My nickname in this family is someone. Wednesday: Babysitting! which I like. Thursday: Volunteer at the
local thrift store. Which is kinda nice. Friday: See my friends! (hopefully) Saturday: Chores.....Sunday: Mass, visit with friends.

Well, I guess my week doesn't look so bad. Until I add school. Then it looks really bad. But hey, I'll look forward to all the nice things happening this week!

God Bless, and have a.....great.....Monday.........