the days before Christmas

...I love them. They lead up to my favorite day of the year, the day of joy and miracles and beauty. I love the candles on the Advent wreath in the evenings, giving the room an almost magical glow. I love the baking, the smells of fudge and cookies filling the kitchen and making me fairly swoon. I love decorating the house on Christmas Eve (family tradition) and the smell of pine that fills the house. I love the Christmas music, that has it's own special feel that makes me all warm inside. I love just sitting and staring at the tree, the ornaments sparkling and shining. I love Christmas, because it has it's own feel. A feeling of comfort and happiness and warmth. It's almost like you can feel God's presence that much more strongly.

If only it always felt like Christmas.


  1. I love this time of year, and for every reason you stated ^above^. It's so full of happiness, of good smells issuing from the kitchen, of family and friends drawn close, of wonderful photographic moments, and of sweet memories made. ♥ Beautiful post, darling friend -- you have quite the way with words. :)

    Elizabeth Rose

  2. I love Christmas, too! We just decorated our tree yesterday, and we have a tradition of decorating the table and having Polish food for Christmas Eve. We open presents that day, too. And I love Christmas just makes me feel so happy inside for not really any reason at all. :P

  3. I agree, there is just something about Christmas that makes me happy. I have always wanted to try decorating on Christmas eve. We have never done it but I think it might be cool to try some year.


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