by - May 03, 2011

Sorry. I'm holding the suspense as long as possible. I want you all to actually read this post, instead of glancing at it on your dashboard. 

Last night, we were at a convention to hear the Prime Minister speak (YAY MAJORITY GOVERNMENT! :D). We were out late, partly because we stayed for a good forty five minutes after the event ended, having a confetti fight with some friends. 

Anyway, on our way home, my mom goes; "Uh guys? Don't anybody panic, but I think I'm in labour."
None of us were all that concerned, since she had gone into false labour twice already. We got home, and I went to bed, hoping that when I woke up they'd be at the hospital, but doubting it.

I woke up at 9-ish. My parents were gone. I got a phone call a few minutes later from Angele's house, with my mom on the line! Apparently, her contractions had stopped the moment they entered the hospital (they always do) so they ended up sleeping over, since Angele's house is five minutes away from the hospital.

About half an hour ago, I got a call.
Wanna know what my dad said?

"He's a boy. All's well. Gotta run. Bye."

I have no idea what we're going to name him, how much he weighed, if mum ended up having to have a C-section (I hope not) or anything like that. Currently, I am staring at the phone, willing my father to call. I've also been stalking his facebook page for updates.

I did get this in an e-mail though;
*photo removed for vanity reasons, check the next post up for a better picture!

My dad took this with his BlackBerry.

Ahahaha. He looks miserable, poor boy! We're probably going to go see mummy this evening, and I'll take some nicer pictures!

Have a lovely afternoon!
God bless

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  1. Awwwww!!!!!!

    Congratulations on your new brother!!!!

  2. OOOOOHHHH!!!!! So happy for you!!!!!! I am very excited. I hope to see more pictures soon! :)

  3. HE"S SO CUTE!!!!! Congratulations! I wish I had a baby sibling...

  4. Poor little fellow, though, he looks quite unhappy!

  5. Congratulations!
    You are so lucky :)...

  6. Oh he is soooo cute! Congratulations!!!!

  7. AWWWW!!!!! He is so cute-i-mus! (Made up word for super cute in our family).

  8. congrats!
    now ofcourse I knew about this but whatevar!

  9. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  10. Gwen! I'm so, so, SO happy for you! He's adorable. :) Eeep, this is so exciting!

    *blushes, looks around, and realizes that everyone is staring at her outburst with not a little mirth*

    Alright, I'll stop now... I believe you get the idea. Can you tell that I really, *really* love babies? :)

    Give your new little brother many kisses for me, dear!

    Elizabeth Rose

  11. Omigosh!!! Congratulations, Gwen-gwen!!! Eeep! How exciting!! :D


  12. Thank you Endor!

    Elizabeth: Thanks dear! I'll try to post some more pictures soon!

    Trini: Isn't he? Thank you! :D

    Sanonora: Thanks! I am so blessed!

    Jessica: Thank you!

    Ashley: ahahahahaha! Thanks!

    Shaynie: Thanks dear!

    Lizzy: Pshaw. Everyone loves babies. I'm sure no on is staring at you. Thank darling, I shall!

    Thanks Eldarwen-dearest! :D


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