i ♥ purple

by - April 14, 2011

There's just something about the color Purple.

This is a pretty recent love of mine, actually. I used to love the color pink. I was a total pink lover, everything I owned had to have pink on it, if it didn't have pink, I hated it.
These days, I don't really like pink. Especially light pink. And deep pink looks too...bright, I guess. I don't really like it anymore!

Now, I have a thing for purple. I love it. It makes me happy. I'm not sure exactly why that is.
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 Maybe it's because it reminds me of a cool, fresh breeze...

Maybe it's because it's still feminine, even though it's not pink...

Maybe it's because it's a royal color...

Maybe it's because it I love it in a whole variety of hues, there is no purple shade that I hate...

Maybe it's because it reminds me of...happiness...

Maybe it's because it's my favorite color for clothes...

Maybe because it seems so serene...

...and pure...

Maybe it's because I'd love a room just like this...

Or maybe, I'm just crazy!

Before I sign off, I wanted to tell you something. 

I'm starting a book! I was inspired by my writing assignment this week. We're supposed to write a small paper, about a page long, creating a character. I fell in love with my character (I say this in all humility) and I didn't want her to just...end. So I'm going to continue her story...in a book. I have no plot worked out just yet (although I am working on it) and I barely know where to begin, but I'm very excited, and wanted to tell you all! Wish me luck, and pray that I don't just end up meeting a dead end!

Preview of my character;

Alejandra was the sort of person that you tried to stay away from. If you absolutely had to be around her, you tried your hardest to stay on her good side. That is, as good a side as you could manage. Alejandra didn’t really have a good side.  She had a temper worse than a fire, and it was just as unpredictable as it was violent.  Most of the time, she acted like a caged bird; impatient, restless and wild. She looked like one too. Dark, flashing eyes, a pointy nose and jet black hair gave her the appearance of a beautiful but fearsome raven. Looking at her, you didn’t find it hard to believe that she was the most feared pirate captain in the Mediterranean.  She seemed capable of almost anything.  The only time she behaved like a member of the human race was around Pepe, her loyal friend. But when she was around him, she became a different person.  She smiled, and she spoke in more than one sentence. Once, someone said, he had even made her laugh. 

This, of course, is not the extent of my paper, but I just wanted to show you this little bit.

And now, I have to go scrub walls. Oh yay.

God bless!

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  1. I just bought a purple shirt in Santa Lucia... :D

  2. Oooh...good luck on the book :) I bet it'll be really exciting...can't wait to hear your progress...

  3. I love purple too! It is my very favorite color :)

  4. I love purple! Lavender, periwinkle, deep purple... the loveliness just goes on and on!

    Have a lovely day, dear! We really have to think up an adventure on Buzz of some kind, involving all of us... that is, after Caroline and I get married. :) (Oh wow, that sounded strange...)

    Elizabeth Rose

  5. P.S. Your book! How could I not say something about your book! It sounds really, really good. I'd love to read more... *wink*

  6. Ohhh I love purple too.. And awesome charactor...!


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