scientific proof that marian is a robot

Or a cyborg. Or an alien. Whatever she is, she most certainly is not human.
(keeping in mind that I am referring strictly to females)

Exhibit A:

'Nuff said.

Exhibit B:

aww, look, he loves her! He gave her a pretty horse, and she doesn't even say thank you!*grr*
A REAL human would give him a hug, or at least say thank you.

Exhibit C:

HOW is she BREATHING? Doesn't she realize who is standing behind her???
And REAL human would be hyperventilating right this second.

Exhibit D:

LOOK at those eyes! How could any human say no to those eyes??
A REAL human would jump up and down and say yes without batting an eyelash.

Exhibit E:

She chose THAT^                over THIS^ !!
Oh, 'tis not to be borne...

Thus, we conclude that Lady Marian is a robot. No human being would be able to resist that^ look.

credit for all these images

However, before I end this post, I feel obligated to say something;
I am starting to like Marian. I despised her at first, but she's sorta growing on me.
YAY ME! I'm in the middle of Season 2! :D

God bless,

No, I am not obsessed with a certain Tall Dark and Handsome bad guy! sheeeeeeesh.


  1. Haha. I have no idea whom those people are. Yet I find that intensly funny. :P


  2. They're characters from Robin Hood...LOL
    thanks love!

  3. Wow. It's a good thing you didn't put any more of those exhibits or I might have started to drool....

    Guy is so evily sweet & kind(sometimes...) & good-looking...

    And I know eh? She could of at LEAST said thank-you.


  4. HAHAHA I just saw your comment on a Robin Hood episode; 'Tattoo? What Tattoo?'

    ' "You mean everything to me." I want a Guy of Gisborne!!!'

    And I was like, that. Has. To. Be. Gwenea. And then I saw your screen name, LadyGwenea :)

  5. I love it!!!! I have to agree! How could she have resisted him?!?!?! :)


  6. Shadowflower: Hah. I already did. *whips out a towel*
    He issssss...*moony sigh*
    I know! UNGRATEFUL LITTLE...*cough*

    YOU STALKER YOU! Oh my gosh, that is so funny!

    Elizabeth: How indeed!

  7. Hahahaha :)

    (BTW, do you want help on getting codes to display properly? I think I might know what you're doing wrong.)

  8. Well that was.. Interesting...
    I dont like Marian very much either. But that is because the special effects kind of ruin everything in the movie...


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