N&S lies...and a truth.

by - February 06, 2011

 I was watching North and South (only for the third time! sheeeeesh) last night, and as I was going to bed, it occurred to me...

There are a LOT of lies in that movie.

So, I made a bunch of Motivational posters, because I was BORED.

(yes, I KNOW this picture isn't from that scene, but there isn't a single picture of Margaret Hale and her father to be found!)

There are probably more, but I'm too lazy to think of anymore!

But, since I love this movie soverymuch, I'll be fair, and add a truth...

*sighs happily*

Which one is your favorite? Mine is the last one...hahaha

I'm going to watch the rest tonight...

God bless, my dearies!

P.S. The pictures aren't loading completely again! GNAAAAAH.
Just click on them for a larger view, which you would probably have to do anyway.

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  1. This looks like an interesting movie.......

  2. Don't be fooled by my lame-ness, it's a good movie!

  3. It's Guy!!! :) The second one is my favorite =D LOL!

  4. YES IT'S GUY!! He is probably the handsomest man EVER

  5. I think those people were in denial! Lol... They no only lied to everyone, but they lied to themselves more.

  6. Margaret Hale from North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell is one of the extraordinary heroines of Classic Lit. Elizabeth Gaskell isn't quite as known or as celebrated as Dickens or the Brontes, people who had been big friends of hers, according to her biography, but she was a gifted writer in her own right and her talent shows in this wonderful gem which I will reread again in the not-so-distant future.

  7. I love this movie. I just watched it the other day with my mom, sister, and soon to be sister in law.
    And I'll I can say is, I LOVE IT!

    In Christ,


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