Viva Italia!

by - January 24, 2011

{none of these are my photos}

I want to go to Italy and work in a cafe there and meet a handsome practicing Catholic Italian and get married and go live by a beach in Italy and have lots and lots of cute little dark haired and dark eyed Italian babies and live happily ever after.



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  1. I want to do the same, except, go to Ireland or Scotland, meet a thick accent, red haired Laddie and have a bunch of Scottish or Irish Children!
    (and we would live in a cottage over looking the ocean)

  2. *gasp!* I wanna go to Italy, meet the love of my life, live on a beach (actually, I wanna live in Venice, beside the water) and have a bunch of dark haired Italian kids as well! ^_^

    Hey, maybe we can go together. ;D

    Love ya, girly!

  3. Lovely photos! And nice little story. ;)

  4. :D That sounds like a good idea. Do you think your handsome Italian will have a brother? ;)

  5. Ashley: Oooh Ireland is another place I want to visit!

    Eldarwen: Oh yes lets! :D :D :D

    Kendra: thanks!

    Shaynie: When I meet him, I'll let you know!


  6. My schola (choir) instructor is from Italy, straight, when she came to America she didn't even know English. One time her niece came for a visit, she didn't know a single word of English... all we could say to her was ciao (hello in Italian) Maybe your handsome Italian will have two brothers (:-D)



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