It's taunting me, I know it

by - January 27, 2011

In case you aren't familiar with my other weather posts go >>HERE<< and >>HERE<<
You will see that the two of us don't have the most wonderful relationship.

When winter 'started' (I say 'started' because the calendar says that winter stars December 21st, but the weather outside dictates otherwise) I was angry. How DARE it be WINTER???
I hate snow. Well...
I hate COLD. If it were possible to have snow without cold, I wouldn't mind snow nearly as much.
I am one of those people who's emotions tend to change a bit with the weather. For example, if it's sunny and warm, I will probably be in a happy, 'sunny' mood. If it's cloudy and cold and grey, then I will probably be either depressed, grumpy, or both.

Sun makes me happy. Seriously. When it's warm and sunny and nice, I can't help smiling.
And I don't like being depressed. FYI.
(actually, the only thing that makes me un-depressed when it's freezing and snowy, is a cup of Chai tea and a good book)


BUT, today, it was sunny! And WARM! I could go for a walk in just a sweater! So I did. And I went to the only place I ever walk to....the library.
Walking down to the library, listening to Pride and Prejudice music on my iPod, I felt positively joyous! There was sun! And warm! The snow was MELTING! My music was happy! I was wearing my favorite boots and a funky jean jacket! I was UNSTOPPABLE.
(well probably not. I can think of several things that could have stopped me; A moving train, a nuclear explosion, a shot in the foot, a flood, a tornado, a blizzard, an elephant....)

I was in a fabulous mood until I was about a block away from home, and I realized...

"Oh SHOOT. It's January. And it's Alberta. Which means, that this weather is just a blip, or a fluke, and by next week we will be drowning in snow again, because spring NEVER EVER comes in January here."

 We're lucky if the snow is all gone in April. So....That kind of dampened my mood ever so slightly. Because any day now, we're probably going to get a monster blizzard, to make up for lost....frozen-ness. Apparently it's a bad thing if my ears don't freeze when I'm walking to piano class.

I can't decide which is worse; No nice weather until summer (we only have two seasons here...Winter and Summer) or a taste of nice weather...followed by three months of COLD COLD COLD.

Weather, I will GET YOU.

I took some pictures to remember this nice-ness by.
Enjoy, dear readers.


As soon as it 'blizzards', I'll be out taking pictures and writing a post titled; I TOLD YOU SO!!

God bless,


P.S. Okay, that's just creepy. I logged onto to edit the pictures, and it says "Good evening, PrincessGwen!"


I'm sleeping in fear tonight that some picnik-y person will come and stab me with a loaf of french bread.


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  1. I live in the sunshine state (better called the sunburn or roast till you die state :D ) And I'd GLADLY take some of that snow off your hands and give a bit of heat to you!

    Thankfully, it is still cool out, it is 45 degrees here.

  2. "I'm sleeping in fear tonight that some picnik-y person will come and stab me with a loaf of French bread." I love it. :)

    I had a question: since Ara is closing My Designer Girl and not accepting any new orders... what about your giveaway for one of Ara's makeovers? Will that be continuing?

    In Him,
    Elizabeth Rose

  3. Elizabeth: I was worried about that, but she says she counts my giveaway as an order!
    So you guys still get prizes!

  4. I am sick of winter, too. :( :(


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