Caution: IF you are prone to obsession do not, repeat NOT...

...Watch North and South.

(UNLESS you hate love stories/chick flicks. You are immune, in this case. Probably. Maybe.)
It could potentially ruin your life.
Why? you ask. Does it expose some sort of dark truth, or hidden evil?
My answer would be; Um....nooo....

"So then," you ask, "why this terrible warning? I thought you like this movie anyway!"

My answer is, yes. I liked it. Actually, I loved it. That's the problem.

The danger is, once you meet Mr. Thornton, your life may never be the same. You, like me, may feel deeply depressed, because you know that no man you will ever meet nowadays will wear those kind of clothes and act in that manner. You may start to believe, as I do, that boys these days are SO hopeless, and so not as chivalrous (with a few exceptions) and almost never romantic in a totally MANLY way. (If you do meet someone like this, however, I want to know...does he have a brother?)

Plus side: You may go to Northern England and meet a Tall Dark and Handsome man who has that very attractive North England accent.
Down side: He'll be wearing jeans. And if he is wearing old fashioned clothes, well, that probably means he's off his rocker, so you'd best just skedaddle out of there.

(By the way, I'll definitely be doing a review on Through The Eyes of Elves.)

That, and you'll spend every waking moment (okay, bit of an exaggeration there) thinking about the Tall Dark Handsome and FICTIONAL (*sob*) Cotton Mill Owner (TDHFCMO [YES! I actually wrote that).
So, I have a love/hate relationship with this movie.

It's destroying my life (another exaggeration).
But it's such a great story!!!

I watched it about two months ago (that long ago? I need to watch it again...).
I had almost gotten over it, really! I mean, I still loved it, but I could actually live my life thinking about OTHER things (Especially not TDHFCMO). Until Monica showed me this N&S WEBSITE, and I remembered my obsession all over again. ( I still love you though.)

And now, I'll be serious.

This is a really good movie. The acting is fantastic (although Daniela Denby-Ashe could have tried a little harder to cry at some parts), especially Richard Armitage. And I don't say that 'cause I think he's cute. He really is a great actor.
Oh, and guess what! Be proud of me. I DIDN'T watch it on Youtube (although it is on there). I borrowed it from the library. Well, actually, I had to order it, but STILL. I'm progressing, aren't I?!

God bless!


P.S. Haven't finished The Village yet. More about that when I do. BUT I didn't stay up ridiculously late! However, it still seems as though I stayed up too late, as I've been 'bone weary' and feeling a bit under the weather today.

ta ta!


  1. Oh Gwenea, this post made me laugh! I love your vocabulary! And I will take your words to heart and never watch North & South, for fear of being constantly thinking of TDHFCMO. :)

  2. I am literally watching that movie at this very moment! My sister is sick and she has never seen it so I am sharing it with her today. : )

    I love love love Mr. Thornton!

  3. Haha...maybe I'll have to watch that one. :P
    Do you often watch movies on You Tube??

    ~Liz B

  4. Yeah, this is one of those movies we watch at least once a year! :) Mr Thornton's one of the best!

    "And if he is wearing old fashioned clothes, well, that probably means he's off his rocker, so you'd best just skedaddle out of there."

    That's a great quote. :D

  5. Elizabeth Rose: Thank you! I'm glad you do! Oh yes, you gotta watch out for him... ;)

    Jane: HAHAHA! I saw him first...just sayin'
    Actually I probably didn't. xD

    Monica: Glad to see you're so apologetic!!!! *wink*

    Liz B: You should! *sigh* Yes I do. I've seen Little Dorrit, the old Pride and Prejudice, some of the BBC Robin Hood and the BBC Emma on Youtube. Isn't that sad?

    Marian: He is indeed...!
    Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :)

  6. Hey... Isn't the actor who plays Mr. Thornton off of the Robin Hood show? Guy of Gisborne if I'm not mistaken?

  7. You are the most Hilarious person I know....


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