Fun with my camera/ Fun with Angele

I've had my camera what...three years? Yeah, since Christmas 2007.
And I RECENTLY figured out how to take...not sure what the real word is pictures. Instead of waiting a whole minute for the shutter to click, BAM! It's taken.

Yesterday, I went to see my friend Angele (Formerly known as Zaelia, except now she has a blog and wants her username to be Angele, so there we are) for the first time in four months. It was kind of a farewell visit, because her big brother Ben is going to school at a Seminary in a week. I'm going to miss him...*sniff*
He's like a brother to me. To the point where I actually refer to him as my big brother.

We took pictures, and I fiddled with my new discovery. Enjoy!

[click to enlarge]

Here we are, jumping. This one is blurry, but all the clear ones that looked good had her face in it because she was looking in my direction. I'm that pretty. JUST KIDDING!! It's more likely I had a pimple in the middle of my face, haha

Angele, ever the enthusiastic one

Oh yes, I have a style all my own...

A blooper...

A small porton of their large property...They have a RIVER in their backyard!

Angele holding Max, their baby boy, looking onto the river

Angele and Max

Their table and umbrella by the river

Max trying to pick up his big brother's foam swords...I love this baby

Angele, observing her baby brother attempt to be a warrior

Me, ever the  drama queen.

We also did makeup, because Angele has a mini studio [It's actually the top bunk of her bed without a hurts to get up there!], and that was fun. Then we went downstairs to see what the boys were doing, and passed Ben, who did a double-take and walked away...haha. We were wearing INTENSE makeup though. I would never go out in public like that. After lunch though, Diego threw up, and then Gabriel felt ill, and threw up while we were watching a movie, and then on the way home MARIANA threw up. Twice. So now I'm praying desparately that #1: Ben won't miss his flight to the seminary because he's sick with the flu that we brought to their house and #2: WE are all better by Saturday; Maddie's wedding!


God Bless,



    Nice pictures
    Seriously though?! You have the flu.. that Sucks big time, I have a cold so i dont think i want the combo during a weddding!


  2. Hope you guys don't get sick for the wedding!!!

    Nice pictures! :)

  3. Hi again! Can you please send me your address or have you already sent it to Natasha?

  4. Hope you feel better soon!
    I like the blooper one :-)


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