Dear Weather...!

You think you're so smart. You think, I asked you to stop snowing, so you did. But, to anger me, you decided to permanently dampen me for life.
What IS this? For almost three weeks, it's been mist, snow, rain or spritz. 

And I'm tired of it.
I realize today is Fall.

If I wanted to be wet, I'd go to the pool.
As it happens, I DON'T want to be wet, so cut it out. 
Go harass Shaynie. She's permanently dry. She'd actually appreciate your...wet-ness.
I do not.

Or what about those thirsty, starving children in Africa, who have to trek miles a day for a sip of dirty water?
GO RAIN ON THEM!!!!!!!!!

Seriously! I don't think that even if I spent a hundred years in the desert, I'd feel dry. 

I got a pair of fake Uggs for my birthday. And because of YOU, I can't wear them anywhere. It's too wet.
So there they sit, lonely and neglected, and it's YOUR fault.

See? I hope this twinges your conscience, you rotten, selfish weather you.

Remember my threat about the flame thrower?
Guess what buddy. I'm on a warpath.


Oh yes. Mariana's coming too!

(I love my sister)

Happy first day of fall everyone.

God Bless,


  1. Omigosh! This post had me laughing out loud.... literally!! :D :D :D

    "I'm on a warpath." Bahaha!

  2. LOL!!! Rain depresses me. But Shaynie loves rain. So does Guin. Silly people. *grins*

  3. Umm Africa Just Had Rainy season Darlin.. haha!

  4. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sending the wetness my actually RAINED this evening!!!!!!!!!! The weather is listening to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

  5. Eldarwen: Haha thanks! That was part of the point. The pther point, was, rant.

    Caroline: ME TOO! I mean, not in small quantities, when there's a little of it it's rather nice, but THREE WEEKS?
    I know. They're CRAZY!

    Milisande: Um....I'm sure they'd still appreciate it.

    Shaynie: OHMIGOSH really??
    *does a happy dance*

  6. Gwenea that was AWESOME and
    I love that pic of Mariana! <3
    God Bless,


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