Flowers of all kinds

Johanna is having a flower photo contest. Sadly, my options were limited to he sunflowers my dad bought for my mum, or the daffodil ouside.

Well, there are dandelions, but those are weeds, and they anger me.

I'm not sure which picture I should enter, so you, my lovely followers, can vote, and then I'll comment on Johanna's blog and tell her that I posted my entry.
So, here they are!

                         These are the flowers my dad gave my mum. I took this on the piano. 

                                                   This I took in the backyard. They were up, but then it snowed, so this was the least sad looking of all the daffodils.

And I won't be entering this one, but I couldn't resist putting it up.

It''s Mariana, with my old fake flower hair band. Isn't she cute!  She is MY little flower

I love her. I now dedicate my new profile picture to her. 

I waited eleven years for a sister, and now I have one!


Now about me.


I am sitting at the computer, with my own concotion to drink.

It consists of warm milk, a teeny bit of coffee, cinnamon, vanilla and sugar. 

Shoot. It's almost done.

It's grey but warm outside, and I might go outside I dunno. Maybe I'll climb the tree or something. 

I had leftover soup for lunch, my dad is at home today, marking papers in his office, and Mariana....oh. She just woke up.
  More about her!

She is two.

She has Downs Syndrome.

Lately, she has been in a kind of funk. She growls (I mean GROWLS) at space. She just stands there and growls. It's very funny. Her favorite "noise"is daug! And aug!

My dad says Aug and Daug must be her imaginary friends, and obviously, they are twins. 



My mum tought her how to say I love you in sign language. She touches her eye and whispers something that sounds like aus, touches her chest and then pints at whoever she is relating the message to.

I just got sent by mum to go get her our of bed, so I'll say Seyonara and be gone!


God Bless!


  1. I like the first one the best, where is the contest I'd like to enter it too :)

  2. Thanks for voting Sveta!

    Here's the link:

  3. Aw, why don't you like dandelions? They're so cheery and yellow. :) Your little sister sounds cute. My little brother has autism; I know what it's like to have a sibling with a disability. He didn't speak until he was 3, so we did a lot of sign language with him. He never got the hang of "I love you" though. It's a pretty hard sign. His favorite signs were "eat" and "drink". Those two things are his favorite pastimes.:)

    I like the sunflower picture the best, by the way.


  4. Thanks Shaynie.

    Yeah, Mariana can't talk........YET!



  5. I vote for the first one, too! ;) Aw, your little sister sounds so cute and sweet! :)

    Love and hugs,


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